Joy & Pain

Too many activities for this weekend. On our way to see Grandma I took Mommy & Daddy to show the new Office area. The fountains were running cold, the cleaning was already over and it was drizzling when we reached the building premises. After doing the entry formalities, I showed them all the areas and my highly decorated work station (I have a bamboo plant on the table). Felt like a parent-teacher meet. Ge’ez ! Took them to the top floor and showed them my special breezy hang-out place.

We had a late Saturday brunch at MainLand China. An entrée comprising – Chicken Sui Mai, Fried Chicken Mushroom Wonton’s and Diced Pepper Chicken. To complement the main course a Red Wine supporting a Classic Cranberry Punch. And MY warm Jasmine Tea and  Pan Fried Noodles (with extra Broccoli & Zucchini). Yums. And, I still wanted more. These days, I am not having a control over food. Wish, I can cook these dumplings here but unsure if the wrappers would be available.

Chicken Wontons - Loave them

Siu Mai Yums

After stuffing so much i needed a nap but there were more important things to be attended. Like buying a present for my nephew and meeting grandma. So, we went to get a toy for him and saw an adorable Duckling. Somehow the duck felt saying Pick me, I am soft and I sing Quack” So adorable i should have taken one more for myself. Boo Hoo! As a memoir I clicked the duckling’s picture while in the car.

Played a lot with the baby boy and later my hand started paining holding him. I made him sit in his chair while he was watching ‘My friend Ganesha’. He didn’t like my Duckling and got scared every time the baby duck did Quack. With all my efforts in vain, I went to help grandma in cleaning cilantro. She was wearing Purple and it looked very pretty against Green Cilantro. So I captured it.

Her Preety Hands

Too much laughing and love made me feel submerged with something. Tears they were and I tried every bit telling them to engulf. I knew it won’t stop. Gosh! You call me a drama queen but I get emotional many of times. Especially, after series of happier days, I want to be a bit of a drama  queen. Remember, its a healing process. At times I prefer psychological theories as an excuse for crying. Somehow, it feels lighter like sort of burden is off me. Well, guess I don’t know but  got emotional with something. May be, when happiness comes in small packages it means a lot and feels overwhelming – Everytime. Feels perfect at that moment. A situation that suits a song by Ronan KeatingJoy & Pain“.

Well, enough about that. I’m trying to be more optimistic here. It’s for the best, for something. We laughed, played, cooked, celebrated and danced. We even watched Aisha and since then I am falling in love with a combination of Pink-Orange colors. A super-duper girly movie with adorable clothes, labels, accessories, and emotions. A splendid fairytale. Loaved IT.

 I was feeling lighter right now, despite the unending chaos. That something is becoming sweeter each day but I can’t predict the future, things can go wrong in just a blink of an eye. My besties are great, they’ve been around, cheering me up whenever I need it. My family just gets stronger and closer. I guess, there is a reason behind every problem after all. You Love it or Leave it.

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