Work Eat Write

To ask what is on my mind. Shopping – No, Music – I say May Be.

Food – I say Totally !

More Food – Absolutely !

Anyways, to divert my attention, I wanted to get out of a Plain-Jane look. So, last week I experimented a lot of hair duos to look different. French braid, Pony tail, Bun with a brooch, Straightened them and even a Wet look with extra hair mousse. By Friday morning, I couldn’t do much with my hair, they looked BAD. A braid with a glittery hair band. That’s it.

This is something with me, when I am lazy and board – I Dress-UP. But I wonder, what made me dress up so much – for work!! Reached by 1:30 PM and grabbed a hot Mochachillo. The eyes seem to have started opening. Slowly, I turned the computer ON. Added some organic gel in the Bamboo plant and started checking the Outlook calendar. I don’t have access to AT&T’s mailbox from home. Guess, it’s time the tokens should become alive. I had ear phones On while listening to Stereo Love by Akcent. Gosh! I get mesmerised everytime i listen to it. Engrossed in checking and re-reading blogs, she tapped me on the back and said “Come”. They were waiting for me and I genuinely forgot about it.

I had mentioned in my post few days back, a Luncheon Meeting  with a pre-sales Director was organized today. Queen Lee gets to eat and meet being a Reporter. 🙂  But this meant, I had to consume another serving of a lunch. To add more, I was wearing casuals and sneakers. And did not look corporate or serious at all. Anyways, with the gloss I entered.

The room was exceptionally cold and I wasnt prepared with a questionnaire. There were 2 more people sitting next to the Director. Geez! They had started lunching ! Didnt even care for the Lady. The food looked yummy. The room was quiet, bright, big and exquisite. It grew even more colder as I tried to cut a slice of pizza. The little clatter sounded like a noise. Yums, I wanted to take everything offered but just to be sober, I started with a slice of chicken pizza, oregano and a fruit punch. There was something more Yummier covered inside a fancy glass dome. Didn’t bother to open it and make more embarrasing sound, I grabbed a seat. It was obvious, clicking pictures was prohibited.

The meeting was quite interesting, informal, besides the usual business perspectives, the hosts’ hobbies, favorite books, vacation spots, the secret behind his success and lots more! Over 25 years old with the Organisation and still rocking & climbing high. My attention shifted to a deliciously Red Jelly custard and I took a pause to fill my bowl. By this time, he expected my feedback about anything. He didn’t know that everything and anything is OK with me. I don’t make specific opinions and choices. It’s all goody-goody types as I don’t want to bother & pay attention. Nothing much to say more, I started talking about his next project and the challenges he foresee. The best he said and I liked is, “I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”

Time-up, I was at my desk. Thinking and getting lost with the thoughts. I still have not worked on that write up. As I am bored to do anything. Just simply decorating my own Blog. 🙂 

Later today. I watched Predators. This time it was more action packed, thrilling, full of blood-gore with interesting twists.  Adrien Brody did good.

Tomorrow, we are having a Client-Lunch at MainLand China and I am excited about ordering Fried Mushroom Wontons. Yippieeee. I Loave it. Its my favourite restaurant. Sad Part, post lunch I have to work. Worst part, I can’t carry a camera as I have to come back to work. Best part, I will eat everything. Yums and More Yums. Guess, I am in love with this restaurant.

TADA, I am listening to Duffy today, currently listening to Stepping Stone. Well, I am planning to sleep early tonight. And Off I go.


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