59th August

It was  my dad’s Birthday 🙂 this week.  We shopped till dropped, got him a chequered shirt from a Youth Collection with corresponding baggies and he looked trendy. He was all dressed up and enjoying. We had a family lunch at Kobe. His favourite sizzler place. I have a picture of myself, eating just plates of deserts – brownie and caramel custard. Guess, I needed sudden shot of sugar, a stress buster. Sob Sobs..but I’m just too lazy (and a bit in a hurry) to upload them. So, maybe in the next post. Or the next after that. Or the next. Or never. Or just maybe.   

Guess, I am planning to make it grand, next year on his 60th count. It is too early to declare though. Well, I sent Mommy-Daddy to watch Aisha. Geez ! Giving them some time OFF me. With the post lunch sleepy syndromes, I was drowning down in my chair feeling sleepy. My eyes were heavy, the eyelids were collapsing and closing as I was writing this post.     

Thinking about all the Bday’s & our funny cake photo’s in past, I discovered the birthday collection is growing fast/year. I ordered a mixed fruit cake since no one enjoys chocolate anymore. The cake was cut just-in-time before it was midnight. Here is a glimpse of the pretty fruity cake.   

PoP on a Milk chocolate

This week, I also got a chance to attend a Power Lunch with the VP. Guess, I was a chosen one for the meet. But some reasons, I declined it. May be, I wasn’t in a mood to speak. Or speak little less.  Sobs.  I spent & diverted my mind doing something creative. Got balloons and decorated the bay for Independence day. Few more Glimpses.  

I made, I made !!!

Well, there is something strange happening since past few nights. I am hearing strange scary voices. Someone humming. Someone breathing fast just next to me !! Goodness gracious. I get goosebumps as I write about it. I ran few a times at my moms late midnights. Geez! After a lot of findings, I saw something more scary. It was an Owl pair. This pair was just hiding below my window and completely responsible for my sleepless nights. I am scared with the thought that they are there. But when I tried to capture them (in a camera), the pair looked chubby. I MELTED! I thought, I should just leave them there. At least, I got to know what it was. See, they moved so quick and posed for me.    

Tired to the core. I am still listening to ‘Raining on Sunday’ by Keith Urban.    

Sleeping before the Hooters awake. Tada!! Off I go.   

The Owl Pair


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