Me Being Patriotic

I was reading an article in a newspaper today, I can’t even remember which one,  I came across few lines – India continues to degrade, I hate Indian government. And it got me thinking. 

I have to admit, I am not really all 100% satisfied with the systems in India. The services can be slow, the government workers can be so rude and the list goes on. But do you really have to hate your own country? I complain a lot but I don’t hate this country. And I just think it’s highly inappropriate to thrash your country to the whole world as if it’s the worst place to live in. 

Goverment - Why are you so disgraceful

It’s sad how people normally would focus on only one side of the country – the bad side. Why don’t we think about the fact that we have no serious natural disasters here? Tsunami happened once here, okay, fine. Volcanoes, Hurricanes never happen here. We don’t experience extreme heat or extreme cold nor do we have to deal with snow-related problems. 
 We have proper schools, colleges, universities. Overseas people fancy and prefer us. Whether the education system is effective or not, we should remember the fact that we HAVE schools to go to and learn things. Unlike some other countries whose kids don’t even get the chance to go to school and learn a thing. Then, we have government hospitals and God knows how many private clinics. Anytime you’re sick, the clinic is just around the corner. 
Sure, we don’t have Disneyland or Universal Studios or the fastest/longest/scariest roller coaster in the world, but we still have roller coasters – I know they are kind of lame but they are enough. We have countless cinemas to go watch movies, karaoke places, shopping malls which are quite big and comfortable. We have fast food restaurants, fancy restaurants, beautiful mountains, historical buildings, modern buildings and many others. Don’t forget that we can use the internet almost anytime anywhere and communicating through phones is just too easy. 
We still have clubs for those who like to party, you can still go clubbing. You can still wear whatever you like without being dragged to prison. Artists from all over the world come here for tour and concerts for you to attend, etc. 
I mean, are you not comfortable enough? I’m not saying it’s the best but you are comfortable right? It’s not like you are living in fear, afraid that a bomb might drop on your house anytime tonight. Or if there are people to take away your house, separate your family, no, nothing like that, right? Sure, we have crimes going on. Terrible, horrible terrorists attacks but crimes happen everywhere. Even worse in some countries. 
I know, India has a lot to improve, we all agree on that. But I don’t see why people have to express so much hatred towards this country. If you complain and hate it so much, why don’t you come forward and try to make a change? Why don’t you actually make a stand instead of just complains. 

Since it’s August and India’s Independence Day, I’d like to dedicate this post to the Country. I’m not talking about the prime minister, the sultan, the kings and queens, the ministers, the politicians, I’m talking about India as a whole. A big family. India as a country.  

So, Happy Independence Day. Gosh, I’m feeling so patriotic today. 🙂 Don’t laugh. This only happens once in a blue moon okay. 

Take care people. 


2 thoughts on “Me Being Patriotic

  1. Stephen says:

    Well written Sonali.. I really appreciate this blog.. keep up the good can write a book soon.. i will be the first buyer..

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