The Esthetic Bag

My Bag has it All. 

19 items total – not counting the tissues and the keys… 


  1. Calvin Klein  –  sunglasses.
  2. Cheryl’s SPF 30 – dermatologist recommends.
  3. Sephora Beige Compact – have given up daytime foundation long ago.
  4. Celine Dion Body Lotion – to keep hands & nails moist all day long.
  5. Crystal Hair Band – a quick accessory adds some spark .
  6. Lakme Spa Line – I love my nails and want them to look healthy.
  7. Chanel’s CoCo Mademoiselle – my everyday scent.
  8. Dove Body Mist – full of grapefruit & lemongrass, keeps and feels fresh.
  9. Sephora Brush – to apply #3.
  10. St. Ives Apricot Scrub – no more face wash please.
  11. Cover Girl Brush – to apply blusher (if I am pale on a certain day).
  12. Cover Girl Shadow Pallette – I keep the gray handy for evenings.
  13. iPod Nano – need it all the time, just everywhere.
  14. L’oreal Paris Lip Gloss – because they have perfect natural pinks. 
  15. Revlon Day 2 Nite Gloss – natural mint lip gloss.
  16. Lakme Blusher – because natural beauties fake this peach color. 
  17. Celine Dion Perfume – to compliment #4, specially for evenings.
  18. Chambor Mirror – need it to fix my lenses (when I’m without spects).
  19. Nokia 6670 – this is with me from last 5 years and keeps getting dearer.

Lately, I have been asked what do I carry in my enormous size bag. It also comprises a full course Lunch box and a Salad box along with a bottle of Lemonade. So, hoping this should explain all !!  But it makes me wonder, how could I ever carry a clutch alone…     


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