Learned The Hard Way…

I am too bugged and bored today. Hoping for Saturday since Tuesday arrived yesterday. I feel, Oh Gosh, why did you make me? 

So, lately I have been doing a lot. I worked the entire past week. Even on the weekends, I was glad spending time taking interviews. Met variety of people and I was trying to know, what attracts a new position? I saw, how easily a job can be switched. I did it in the past due to a substantial reason. It appeared to me that, years of experience is not equivalent to the amount of talent. I wondered and disliked the incompetencies. And it got me thinking…

Remembering, the Motivation and Contentment while working with great leaders. I believe, you definitely get groomed in a handsome way and once that has been done, you can be on your own. It  requires, you getting motivated in a right way or someone recognizing true potential in you. 

In a nutshell, drive yourself with continuous motivation. Do not let the *Spark* in you die. The moment that happens, you lose a true you. I wish, if a day consisted of 48 hours – I would work. Not that I can’t finish my work in time but I aspire to be always working. Learning and working simultaneously.  

It makes me wonder to see people doing nothing. It is annoying to witness actions lacking principles. I see a paramount of insincerity. Often asked about the way I execute the activities due to their decent outcomes. It doesn’t require tremendous amount of hours not a deep dive discussions but mere Dedication and Willingness to excel.  I am not cribbing that such fundamentals are vanishing currently but truly seems getting lost in extinction. I can’t figure out how to spread basic essentials.

I feel, most of the people get everything easily and do not realize it’s real worth. For instance, I remember the old days when the shifts were 12 hours long. I never got to see the sun while working in graveyard shifts starting at 1:30 am through 10:30 am. Our cabs used to be scheduled 1 hour after the shift-end time. We had accepted it as a routine. Today, nobody wants to get out of their comfort zone. WHAT a PITY! I see and hear in the background, the resistance for doing anything. Well, I feel glad, I learnt it a hard way. May be, it is a right way. And guess, I must not fail more.

I come from few years of experience in a customer service industry where I was being brainwashed into using cute little pre-formulated answers, greetings and salutations. Before you even called, I knew the order in which I have to say it, and what you would reply. We were taught how to listen through a customer, not to a customer. I never once questioned a client, even if that client was swearing at me, telling me all sorts of profanities. I would never tell the client he was wrong; I would only make it right. I knew, for the sake of my paycheck, that his “business was important to us” – back in the days when that actually meant something.

Recently, I walked into my latest addiction, Costa Coffee and I ordered my usual: skinny vanilla latte. Without even looking at me, the girl behind the counter mumbled “We don’t have skinny vanilla syrup, Sorry.” No looking at me in the eye, no solution for my problem. I would want to mention the fact that the proper thing to say would have been “We are out of skinny vanilla syrup” not “We don’t have skinny vanilla syrup.” I know you have, I’ve ordered it – and received it – here before. But I will even let that one slide, because I’m a Nice Humble Girl.

Do I ever excuse myself from work? Hardly. Do I ever take a break from my work? Hardly. And I love what I do and I never want to let go of it. At the EOD, I am getting paid. Like everyone does. So, why not to get absolutely focussed towards work. 

You call me a workaholic , no doubt. I am your stereotype – the cliché of the woman. But no matter what you think, I can’t help being in a work-mode because that’s what I want to do. But there’s always an idea, a one-liner, a blog, something in the back of my head. I am constantly looking at the world through my working eyes. Even while sitting over dinner, my mind’s rolling. And so I never stop. But I enjoy it, and that’s all that matters.

Now that being said, off I go. Good Night.


6 thoughts on “Learned The Hard Way…

    • You said it right. I wanted to make everyone stir the feelings in & think. If I am successful at least a bit that should serve the purpose. Glad you liked it. Thanks. Keep reading!

  1. Kapil says:

    Very nicely written… And really glad to see u being so consistent with ur blogs
    I think u shud think abt making a career in writing …

    • I will take your advice seriously someday. I will love to write full time. Wish, I can travel, explore food, click pictures, meet people and encorporate all of it in the blogs. Thanks Jiju. 🙂 Keep reading.

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