Joyeux Anniversaire

Do you feel embarrassing cutting cakes on Bday’s. When everyone is singing a ‘ Happy Bday ‘ song just for you. Times when you really wanted to feel good with gifts, goodies, wishes, cakes and surprise parties. I was feeling conscious. All the eyes were on me. Guess, I don’t like My Bday’s. Knowing the fact that I am growing old. Every year!! And almost every year, I have felt only bad on this day. I think.

Today, at work somehow I had a notion about the preparation. The moment I realised, I felt – OH FISH ! I am going to get shy now. I can’t do this anymore. I knew it was only a mere cutting the cake but I didn’t want to be watched. Some situations, I am lost for words and actions that leave me alone expressing nothing. Yet, happy to see them taking efforts just to make me feel good. But what makes this day so special to call for a celebration? I might celebrate Success but not Aging!! So, yeah, happy birthday me ♥ Toast – Lets stay young forever.

So far, I have cut 3 bday cakes.  🙂 All chocolate cakes with unusual candles and Fire CRACKERS!! Geez!! I am getting a Queen lee treatment, since morning,. No body is messing with me – Hush. I need not wonder. But I like this. The best of everything are PRESENTS.  I had a pre-defined list. Seriously. And fortunately it feels good to know that a care was taken to fulfill it. There are always ‘Buts’ and I hate that part knowing 1 item off my list was left unattended. But I am not in a mood to highlight it. So, to be precise I have got my awestrucking SLR Nikon and fragrance of Bvlgari. You may call me a Materialistic girl. But like I said before, this is allowed in August.

Earlier this year, I had planned this day. An event full 3 days. Preday, Bday and Postday.  I woke up with a renewed feeling and a hope to survive one more year. All my favourite food and people. So much so that felt being blessed with flowers – of all kinds. The Lilies were still blossoming. The blue Roses against White orchids looked lovely. And I was loving it even more. If bdays bring happiness and presents they may occur every month. Wouldn’t that be just perfect?

Still, why do others have to worry about and spend money on celebrating my birthday?  Who do I think I am??

Do we not have a limited number of birthdays in our lifetime?  So, why not celebrate it irrelevant of ageing. 😦 Declaring a new phase of a new life, there will be new roles, expected behaviours, how to dress, and  how to talk. 

When I went to a party that evening, I spend time sitting on a couch unlike the regular dancing – Looking at girls and boys grooving on the dance floor. They didn’t stop moving untill the DJ announced the last track. Reminiscence, as I saw them. With all the Bday’s I had, sure I did change a lot.  After closely observing past 3 days, I didn’t invest a second finding the reason to lionize it. The realization is not new not even required now. This just plain explains  that no matter if I change, I will always be loved by the most important people in my life. I know that I am being cared.

I am going to remember this Bday for quite a long time. Because it was just perfect. The best ever. Forgetting the grow-old process, I would want to re-visit and want such days alot  in a long run.

Here’s for a Happy Celebration.


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