Due Diligence

Will this week end ever? I have been lagging lately. Every morning has been a drag. Today, I woke up and realised, GOSH!  it is just Tuesday. It was 10:30 a.m and I was still in my sleepwear. I knew Daddy will drop me to work. With a snail speed I was getting ready. Against all odds, the lily plant was still blossoming. I was surprised to see 2 more lilies this morning. After a long admiration, I was still sleepy and getting late. I realized that’s only one of the perks of e-work.

I love working from home for several reasons. First, I get to make my own cup of coffee –  and I get to go for refills for hours. Second, I make my own breakfast. Okay, I don’t really cook a lot but I like making maggie, eggs and toasts anytime of the day. Although, if you even wish to stumble at your favourite breakfast place in the city, you may can. I do. Voumann cafe, sometimes and I adore its breakfast menu every morning. It’s yummy and fresh.

Then there’s no corporate dress code, no creased shirt, no power lunch. I don’t normally dress exorbitantly anyway, but I do enjoy some edging-on items that are just not very fitting to my role at the office. Perhaps, I could wear the chirpy colors and tunics. Plus, I do not want to attract these kinds of looks – _ – from coworkers anyway.

Today, I felt inspired to write this knowing that I was fed up getting ready to work. I love working but just don’t like waking up from cozy sleeps. But trust me, as soon as I press “Publish” on this blog, I will hop in the shower, get dressed, put some makeup on, even put some heels on, go to work and sit back at my desk to continue working.  However, if I have an urge to go home, I might just go home & sit wearing this formal dress code. Since I will be missing work… Also, who knows in today’s Sametime era, you never know who will be conferencing you in…

My all-time favourite  is – I get to sit back and watch tea-time HBO movies. Another positive about working from home, I don’t have to take extra care and protect the hair, skin against the sun. The sunscreen and lotions are saved. Besides, I don’t have to invest any time making them presentable. No more winds messing with my hair nor struggling with them.

There’s no stress about departure time to beat rush hour traffic or to get that early bird special on reaching in-time. No worries about not getting a call for a cab, chasing speedy vehicles and waiting till the 10 signals turn green. Yes, I have counted them once. No concerns over what’s going on outside at all. It’s just me, the computer, the emails and the coffee. And some country or house music, depending on the mood.

Finally,  juggle personal and professional matters all at once. I can tweet, facebook, send emails, write blogs while editing the project schedules,  preparing turnovers, taking conference calls and setting my next tactical moves. 😉

There is but one downside to it all, and it’s not, as many would think, the lack of social interaction. Trust me, between the IM’s, conference calls, attending live events, virtual sessions, trainings, client visits and cocktail hours (oh yes, we get those too many), there is not much of social interaction. No, the true downside to it is that you can never go back to a regular job. Atleast, I can’t think of working on multi-handed project, I guess its my downfall but I like handling it all by myself. And like everyone knows there cannot be more than 1 PM working on the same project. Wouldn’t it become a chaos? So, when I go into the office now, I can no longer focus on just the task at hand but my entire baby! I need my excitement, my multitude of beeps coming from my 20+ applications running at once. I need my freedom.

Working in an environment where you need to have sound practical judgement , e.g.  kick off agenda, you have to have the luxury to get up and walk away when the blank page stares back at you. You can’t expect good questions, ideas, solutions come to you from 2 to 11 they may come to you at 10 p.m, they may come to you at noon, they may even wake you up in the middle of the night. Alternatively, you also need to be ready to not have one single good idea for days sometimes. That’s something that those of you who have always done the 9-to-5 in an office have gotten used to dealing with. I no longer can.

I might prefer to leave work and head home on days when I can’t be of any help. Cannot be productive at all. Fortunately, I can happily head home to get comforted. And I can be sitting at home watching a movie and suddenly start scribbling  away on the notepad, laying out a plan for my next meeting or may be my next blog. Geez! 😉 I know I cannot be monitored while doing WFH. And then, I get a guilt-free feeling that my company trusts me and doesn’t want to keep a track of my activities. And it makes me feel on top of the industry.

Another benefit, I get the latest updates anytime of the day. I know what’s going on, in real-time, thanks to Facebook  and the likes. I must be subscribed to hundreds of publications and RSS feeds – they keep alerting me to different news every second. I can’t possibly hear, read or see them all but I am aware that the world around me is continuously moving and that I need to move, move, move with it if I want to remain competitive in this line of work.

Well, this will also prevent our organisation from wasting un-necessary money over the employees against transport, air-conditioning, coffee machines, light, internet and many more. My past experience working on such WFM project with the previous employer taught me this cost saving method. Wish every one can implement this technique. Fingers crossed.

THAT’s, my dear friend, is Work From Home. It’s something companies should learn, instead of enticing their employees up in cubicles producing quality work of 8 hours/day. Indulgent practices makes everyone happy. More happiness means more comfort and ease. More the merrier.


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