Having an encounter almost after 4 months with a mediterranean food. Glad to find quite a few interesting places serving this cuisine in Pune. It’s flavoured spices,  unfettered complicated sauces and heavy dollops of cream and butter. The ambience was truly authentic with their selection of colorful Mezze’s.

We started with Falafel, pita bread, hummus (The basics of course :)) – topped with pickled vegetables. The smallest Falafel, I had ever seen. I thought the presentation was beautiful with the dash of olive oil and cilantro on the top of everything.  So I took a few pictures with my phone (you’ll have to excuse the quality).


The next course of appetizer was Chicken Harissa, full of hot chili and olive oil mix sauce. Yet very lite in aroma. The distinctive flavorings included pomegranate sauces, pepper spreads, walnut flour, ground pistachios and mint. Yogurt and white curd cheese like feta.



The fluids for this round was Appletini. I choose it due to its peculiar Green colour. Since it was nearing the end of August, I thought it deserved a celebration. I am going to recommend Bohemian  (a new restaurant by Club Oasis) a lot due to its royal feel and very good service. 

Not that I am getting paid to write about this restaurant but I am putting a recommendation. IF you don’t go – It’s your LOSS. 😉

The main course was a lightly stuffed cheese and perfectly cooked piece of Zucchini (wonder where do they get it in India) served with another artistic presentation of vegetables held together by olive oil tossed spaghetti . 

Chicken Tagine their speciality – another flavoured Moroccan style gravy served  with bread and rice.This is also a good place for people fond of art. There are artistic frames, pots, even the floor is made in a bohemian way. In a nutshell, good food, ambience, art and service. Truly an OMG! Yummy finish to a fantastic 3 course meal of my decadent indulgence. And that is how I said a warm good-bye to this August.

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