A Cold From Ice Inside the Soul

Mom had called reminding me to carry a swimming costume. Knowing it will be Cold for attempting a dive in freezing water, we both were still determined. My favorite cousin and other cousins were coming this weekend. At work, my dinner plans were ON for indulging with crispy won-ton’s :). Then, I got a jinxed mail in my mailbox. It read, “A Network implementation scheduled on Sept 6th  is rescheduled for an earlier time.”

Stuck at work post mid-night since the change approvals were not in place. I ended up talking to people all over the world. Slovakia, Buenos Aires, Columbia, New York and Austin. With no luck at all, I rescheduled it for Saturday. And that is how I missed a much awaited and highly planned family trip.

Shortly, I drafted a nice decent note to the important stakeholders giving a straight NO. Gosh, I knew this is not something right but I was taking the ownership of everything. Apparently, I was making a progress here by declining. Since, I had tried every bit to have this implementation happen on Monday and now with such a short notice, I knew it was not going to happen. No contingency reserves, Please!! I would never work extra un-necessary!! I really didn’t want to encourage them, analyzing there will be many more such showstopper’s. And, I can’t work in a time constraint environment. So, there I go giving my first NO for the week.

As I write a NO, I remember a rehab song by Amy Winehouse.

But amidst this calamity of just finding a mere approver, I had lost a day of my family bonding. Soon, I finished work and merrily went home. On my way, I spent time buying a novel of my favourite author Paulo Coelho. I pleased myself a little. So, happy hoping for tomorrow, getting picked up by my fave cousins to join on a Day-2.

Next day, I couldn’t have got so much green ever and never. Cold drizzle with hot buttery sweet corns. I dared to walk bare foot and crossed the corners of the waterfall. Enjoyed Bhajji’s amidst the flowing and pouring water. Later half, I sat almost shivering  Cold and clicking pictures. Post drench-everyone session, we headed to a veranda restaurant. We shopped and stuffed each of us with series of un-ending rounds of food. OMG! Food like heaven.

Moving on, the failed  network implementation for Tuesday was troubling me. Ge’ez! I must switch work OFF during weekend. Such situations are not genuine and that’s why create a completely unordered mind.

Well, hope you all have a great Monday and  another ‘exciting’ week. As for me, it means that I have to wait another 1 day  due to labor day until I hear the test results from the system engineer. OH MY Gosh, I’m not ready!!!! Sudden panic attack, not kidding. A Cold chill runs through the spine. Hyperventilating. Deep breaths now. Deeper breaths.

Have fun and take care people : )

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