A Fortune Cookie

I popped open and it read “Expand Your View and the Potential is Limitless

Sometime earlier today, I died. In my last minutes, I continued to cry. Despised of virtue and respect, the exact reason for such a situation was anguish and hence termination.  The end was for good. A vantage point.

I had a total eclipse of my spirit nevertheless the radiant aura of a friend twisted a wheel of my fortune 🙂 cookie. I had started feeling soother. It was true for sure.  I needed to hear  and know exactly that I heard and felt.

Weeks back, during a meeting I profoundly stopped at a statement and re-visited it many times during the day Highly motivated people can do wonders. And I stick to the fact that motivated people inspire me. Ironically, seems at extinction.

In a celebration, we tried Oriental cuisine. Pardon me for being so random with my thoughts today. Somehow, I have an anti-clock wise  sequence of snapshots. So, I finally got home, tried on my marvelous fragrance by Coco Chanel and  The Annabella dress – felt fantastic – and decided to do some wine & dine.

Hollywood Karaoke at Jazz by the bay and a group just had finished performing – Way back into love from Music & Lyrics.  Gosh! Hate that song. I felt too shy to showcase such talents in front of a crowd. More matured talks over some music and food sounded wise. The food was fantastic so was the place and the time. Sesame Lotus Stems – never knew they could be so good, Kung Pao Mushrooms is the all time favorite and some Soup. We spoke a lot about everything and I am relieved. Sudden burden is again off me.

I turned off the lights in the living room, a place that had been more of a haven for my negativity lately. I cracked open a window, crawled into the  bed, where freshly cleaned, lavender-scented sheets awaited me. I snuck in the net-book, through which I proceeded to play scrabble, and after I began to write…


3 thoughts on “A Fortune Cookie

  1. Maria Clair says:

    Wow this sounds like a delicious and perfect way to start off October! Thank you so much for sharing this. It really gives the reader a sense of what it was like and the photos tell a story in themselves. Posts like this that inspire more people to follow in your footsteps.Thanks for sharing 🙂

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