Hello & GoodBye

It took me a decade to understand and decode the spot-on selflessness. With this awakening, I knew it’s good to be self-decadent. Today, I told my Dad, a day like this will happen soon and I will make him feel good again. This sure gives me a chance to find that hope and follow it for my selfish reason of being happy. Well, so far I am on my best behavior with my plans. But my plans don’t work ever. I woke up early at 8 am, had my cup of tea, started writing a blog, watched Serendipity for the trillionth time on Zee Studio. I canceled my doctor’s appointment, did not feel that was required. Past 11 am, I was watching my favorite movie – PS: I love you. Gosh! I wonder what is the purpose of such sweet movies. People in movies have perfect emotions and gratitude. My friend just called me and I felt super-awesome. Guess, every time I am annoyed she happens to call me. Makes me wonder how does she know? Hmmm  does my Mom? No she can’t. Anyways, I am happy.

After about 6 hours of afternoon NAP. Here I am making a post analysis. My mom says, this world is mixed with good people and bad people. The reason the world continues everyday is due to the absolute presence of good people. Because their number is comparatively higher……

Alright, I feel a sudden need to see the doctor again and I am re-scheduling the appointment. I know this is a right chance to dump off my negativity on this expert. Let the Doc do some post-post analysis and conclude. My take – almost all the techniques are known to me either from my friends or mommy. This is just a mere satisfaction of my mom that I have been guided by a professional. Well, again I am saying I know the good practices to live a calm and steady life. Nevertheless, this will be an expert advice. But the ultimatum – after putting some thoughts, depends on the expert and he has to be really…Mark My Words – really really have to come up with a very positive antidote. And if that’s a right thing then I would want to implement it and wait for good. So I still expect that everything the expert tells should happen in a ‘Right’ way. No 50-50% chances or audience poll dependencies. So my mind, heart and body are in sync.

If I am not making any sense then I must stop this thought.

Today, I am really at relief. I have scratched an item from my Wishlist. Me and my girlfriends always Plan. This time it’s not mine so no worries of failure. This is a collaborative Plan that we want The Best of All. Certainly, my list will indeed take ample of time to come alive. But people, hold your breaths, coz even I had become breathless when I took it in my hands.. I have got my own iPhone 3GS. And it feels good striking an item off my list. There you go. Get a Glimpse.

Though it is hard to say a Goodbye to my old loyal friend of 5 years. My Nokia 6670 but I am sure it is going no-where and staying just right with me.

For my wish list, one down, few more to go…Smiles.

Take care people 🙂

Set me free, leave me be
I don’t wanna fall another moment into the gravity
Here I am and I stand so tall
I’m just the way I’m supposed to be

– Sara Bareilles (Gravity)


One thought on “Hello & GoodBye

  1. Barbara Miller says:

    Congrats Dear for buying a phone from your wishlist. Use it to call us sometimes 😉
    Well, one thing that makes me feel sad is that you seem to have stuck in the sad phase that you keep brining in your blogs. Try to write about all the good things that inspire you. Just a suggestion. Take care. Barbara Miller

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