A Partner In Crime

Every year, before the arrival of a festive season, my parents and I arrange a little house-decoration ceremony. This is actually a get-together — sharing food, sweets, and good cheer is how we get our friends into doing the work of house decoration, like checking each light bulb, attaching lanterns, and untangling the garland and ribbons.

It is the party-filled festive season that bothers me immensely. With the exception of one rummy play party, my cousins and I throw most of the ones we surely attend. A generic holiday party in early November. Flower decorating. Rangoli making. Followed by Diwali Night, Halloween, Christmas Day, 31st Dec, New Years Day, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day…and the list goes on as if it would never end. No pun intended but certainly festivals  give me goosebumps.

Especially while working with a U.S client, I have more awareness towards American holidays and considering the fact that I get an off  unlike an Indian holiday. Anyways, this celebrating, cooking, decorating, and hosting got me thinking…

I need a teammate.

I am absolutely one of those people who would rather throw a party than be  invited to it. I would love to cook and decorate the house rather than being on the guest list. I like hosting and as a matter of fact, what could be a better time of the year to HOST a party than NOW? Well, part of it is probably due to a deep-set insecurity and a need for praise. Mainly, I love bringing my friends and family together — I love to be a catalyst for good conversation and new recipes. Given this doesn’t look a part of my personality, I realize that and I want to be one half of a couple that entertains. Gasps !!

I need a teammate in crime. Someone that can play the part of host and enjoys doing so. Someone who wants to have all our family and a few choice of  friends over for the holidays. Someone who wants to plan menus. Someone who doesn’t need to be told to plan-do-check-act before the guests get here. Someone who will laugh away the evening with as we clear dishes and fill glasses.

There are a few other requirements for a potential candidate that have come up while feeding the fish today. Like he needs to have some basic handyman knowledge — fundamentals of electricity, introduction to plumbing etc. A fuse in our fish tank blew few days back, which meant total blackout for poor Fishy. I need a fella who can figure out it’s the fuse and change it. I mean, in theory I can do it (and I have, on more than one occasion), but I would really rather not…

Can we pretend that Airplanes In the midnight sky
Are like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now
A wish right now..
– B.o.B – (Airplanes)


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