Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

So there I am, watching old Oprah shows sipping extra shot of latte, getting ready to paint my toe-nails, when my mom called and asked me to check the emails and print some pictures to have them pasted on the walls. Since that’s what I wanted to do but I was being lazy looking for someone to nag me! While she was over-seas and millions of miles away – concerned.

“Sure mommy, I said, “I’m glad you called me before I started my nails!”

I get up and grab the  iPhone, where I first check my emails. Then I have to check another one of my inspirational apps. OH, my friend emailed, need to respond now. Check a Blog that I love to read. Moderate a comment left on my blog. I look over, see, I never made the bed since the past week. I go make the bed. Pick up the clothes, stuff them in the machine. While doing laundry, realize I forgot to print the pictures…

This time I go back to the computer. Check Twitter. Oh! look at that link. Check that link (another several minutes go by). Check the Popsugar fall collection. The phone rings and I have few friends visiting. I run to make something in the kitchen. . Half a way to the kitchen remembering I still have not printed those pictures.

People gone, me home-alone staring at the computer. My mind tickling, I have to get dressed for the dinner, I have to fix the web-cam, call up all my relatives and give the good news. Well, holding all the thoughts, I check printer for paper. Put more paper in printer (Finally, progress!) Oh, I haven’t checked Facebook today. I go look at Facebook. Go back to WordPress to check my blog. Admire, re-read some of my blogs. While I’m writing this post, mom calls back and asks for the pictures. I laugh hysterically at myself.  Mom thinks I have finally lost it and going crazy lazy staying alone. I wonder if those pics will ever get printed….

I wonder if my toe nails will get done.

I wonder if I get ready for dinner tonight?

Oh, what’s that? I’ve received a new email…

What a week it was? Lost and found, home alone, eccentric work pressure, cried and laughed. This week left me on a happy note. Moreover, the smile in my eyes doesn’t seem to fade away and it is growing exponentially with every single day. There have been many reasons for this pompous spirit but the one most substantial is my sweetheart! Its my 6 day old nephew that has brought back all the missing joys. A little baby but has a wonderful and grand impact. I am totally head over heals. There you go, get a glimpse.

I REALLY enjoyed him! The word ‘really’ doesn’t describe my feelings well. I authentically, categorically, honestly, no…INDUBITABLY enjoyed my moment. The next few hours were gone admiring and loving his pictures untill my eyes blurred knowing that there can’t be anything prettier and serene. All my heart is for you –  my little angel.

P.S. After I fixed my head back on straight, the pictures were printed. These  were his sweet and tranquil pictures which are on the walls and doors of my house.  Later, I did finish painting my toe-nails and they looked neat, I even did a hair spa. The dinner was lavish and intricate with enormous servings of deserts and spanish cheese & wine.

Cheers ! Let it pour. More.

Take care people.

 I’ve got so much honey. The bees envy me.
I’ve got a sweeter song. Than the birds in the trees.
Well, I guess you’ll say,
What can make me feel this way? My Boy.

Adapted from – The Temptations (My Girl)


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