Drama Queen

Off late, I am slogging badly. I have started feeling like a poor fragile Cinderella. Of course, I don’t have an evil step-mother nor step-sisters to make me go crazy. Yet, I stop and start several times a day. And I began to wonder –

My mornings are spent makeup-less in old leggings and a t-shirt finishing daily chores . I race through the grocery stores, power-mop the kitchen, dust away the cobwebs from the corners of the living room, transfer the laundry from the hamper to the washing machines, feed the fish, water the plants and put short meal on the table while getting ready for the work.

The projects I am working on have me ON-CALL 24-7 these days, fortunately the VOIP phone my brother-in-law gave last year is a life saver. The majority of what I accomplish during the day is done between smart-phone mails on the run and conference calls from my Client-Connect.  At night, I am jumping intermittently into the implementation bridges to avoid network failures  and surprise showstoppers. And if I’m lucky, I am home at 12 midnight.

In short, I am like every other modern woman as she tries to make her way in life on her own . There is not enough in the way of glamor nor much to complain about. Everything glides silently without keeping a room for storm. Which is for good.

I opened the door this evening juggling between the phone, lunch-box and postal mails. Near the front door sits an invitation to a Halloween ball. The event is being organized by a person whose generosity, strength, and heart I greatly admire, and who has recently emerged as a fairy god-mother of sorts. A little bit of sparkle is something to look forward to, especially in the name of a good cause. As for the Cinderella transformation, do you remember that scene in the Disney movie when all the worker mice teamed-up and created a ball-gown for Cinderella from scraps of material? Yeah, I can get a seamstress mice too. Rather than buy something new, the tailor can revive the unique vintage piece of mine. Yet, I have many un-used with the labels  still on. This is a significant difference of modern-age Cinderella.

Hell, Ya. I wonder – Were the ancient fairy-tales true? Can I have one custom-made for myself?

Well, cries are making everything somber. Even I am pale and the mirrors are lonely. So I make a sonnet and sing, “Let me fill some colors and use the mirrors once again. Let me be a drama queen and seek some comfort in minor things.” So far, the modern age Cinderella is shallow with her spirits. She continues to slog everyday, spends most of the time locked away in her room/office, communicates through phone/email only, eats dinner/lunch alone and gives  precise responses. everyone is fond of her and yet someone to be envyed but hopefully this time whatever she is doing she will not leave a ferragamo behind on the dance floor. She is just  a perfectly cautious drama queen. That’s the modern age grim Cinderella.

I used to be so fearless so limitless and free
Happy on my own and nothing really bothered me.

– Dido feat. Armin Van Buuren (Everything To Lose)



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