Crown Me Princess

Am I feeling the cold waves or that’s the weather? The Gwen Stefani syndrome hasn’t gone yet. Singing the chorus – The Sun’s getting cold and its snowing, looks like an early winter for me!

Last week I wore fleece daily, slept 8 hours nightly, ate Maggie unintentionally, deleted recordings from my old phone unconditionally, and ate piles of butter popcorn’s enormously. My action-packed week began the evening,  my cousins left the city.

Until midnight when I realized that this went un-noticed, finally I flipped through the wordpress app and realized that my blog has crossed its 1000th count. Gives me a reason to be happy and flaunt a smile. Thanks for the applauds people.

Well, it took me 93 posts to reach here but I will slide this down by just saying that the journey has just begun.

Recently, I have been reading a lot. I have become addicted to the Twitter articles. Yes, I am arriving a little late in the twitter territory but finally I am there and enjoying it. Each little article takes five minutes to read and is packed with hope, clarity and gorgeous writing. Never knew that social networking can be so informative.

In an attempt to smile more, I decided to try to write my own list that puts a smile on me.

I poured myself a fresh cup of coffee, fed the fish, dim the lights and opened up wordpress. How long was the screen blank? Long enough to finish my coffee, grab few cubes of chocolate and find a pillow for my back. I tried again… I decided to just jump in and type. Writing my favorite list should not be difficult. Yet, I’m not having any convincing moment, just a lot of fine ones – which are less poignant and not messy.

A girl like me pays a lot of attention to everything. I like to observe small and intricate details around me. Likewise, good detailing’s are imperative. Seems, experience has taught me immense and I accept it with a good spirit. So, the cautious and observant in me keeps enjoying the day throughout its minute’s and seconds counting the occurrences. So, here is my list. Let me get you all smiling with me:

The small details with significant impact, at-least on me. 🙂

  1. Post- it flags
  2. Eating last piece of a cake
  3. Animated movies
  4. Closing a project
  5. Sorry & Thank you
  6. Hot Maggie
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Hugs
  9. Lilies
  10. Tea light candles
  11. Fortune cookies
  12. Holding hands
  13. Odd numbers
  14. Punctuality
  15. Books recommendations
  16. Letters, greetings
  17. Planning
  18. Being humble
  19. Simple people
  20. Strict routines
  21. Crispy wontons
  22. Cooking for loved ones
  23. Multi-dessert courses
  24. Surprise deliveries
  25. Music
  26. Intelligent idioms/phrases
  27. Buying birthday cakes
  28. Motivators
  29. Coffee in my mug
  30. Filling photo albums
  31. Dexter & DiDi
  32. Making lists (and checking them twice)

I am being one of those relaxed women who has a wandering creative mind with unstoppable thoughts. Who keeps gratifying her with the things that she likes.  Who keeps acknowledging forms of self-being. She is grateful of everyday and wants to live with the good memories. She continues to admire and accept everyday knowing that the Sun is going to rise anyway. That’s her decadent life to make her feel good and smile. Let me crown her – A Princess.

All the times like this, Can bring you to your knees,
Wishing the stars will come back.
Over and over again.

 – DJ Shah feat. Nadia Nooijen (Over & Over)



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