Hometown Glory

Lately, I am surrounded with anxious and new  faces at work, I take some time off today to meet them. Why am I being social suddenly? Because my work load is reducing and for next few months, I want to keep it moderate.

Nevertheless, someone told me few weeks back that I look friendly but not approachable. And that a smile  should compliment a good face. Well, it was a good-to-know comment but somehow, I couldn’t comprehend the first part of it. Besides, I smile most of the times and not being approachable is perfectly fine being a lady.

So, the new fellas didn’t like the team and were sitting daunted, quiet  at the dark end of a cubicle. Humanity striked and I offered them A Visit To The Premises. Finally, we were in the cafeteria ordering extra special hot tea to melt break the ice. Perfect, open-air, roof-top and midst  the Aralia trees. The cafeteria is one of its kind that’s where I spend time off the work, if I have too. As I start sipping tea, I see a known face. At first, I thought, single occupancy has caused a serious problem that I tend to see faces. Anyways, I stood there, thinking…Until I heard, ” Sonali, WHAT THE HELL.” Those were his first words. Sufficient enough to have someone petrified. I was stunned. Guess, this obvious reaction occurs whenever least you expect, does happen. “HELL, YA”, I replied.

Alright, you would want to know what happened next. My fellas whom I wanted to make happy were getting bored while I was catching up with my old pal. The Not-So-Team-Bonding session ended when my phone beeped. It was time we had to return to our workstations. Strange, that’s what I was felling. “SMALL WORLD“, I said to myself. And I started counting outlook meetings lined up for the day.

When I looked around, the fellas had started chirping. Somehow, I was beginning  to feel festive as well. Not that I have missed my chances of hitting a shift-delete on all the bay decoration, rangoli making and traditional day emails but some sort of reminiscence was in the cold air. This  happens every year. And that’s when I need “My Fella”.

Alright, the further I think, worse I feel. So, this festive season, I have responsibilities to care about. I need to decorate my house as I cannot sit in the dark, staring at the gleeful, noisy house of my neighbour. Put some lights and lanterns on the front door, get some safe low-noise crackers, make rangoli. The best part is to take an ownership of the occasion, all by myself. At least I get to choose all my favourite sweets. No more choosing between the options but picking the ones I want. That’s what my spirit is planning this season.

Quite a not -so conformist attitude but the spirits are positive.

Round my hometown, memories are fresh.
Round my hometown, the people I’ve met,
Are the wonders of my world.

– Adele (Hometown Glory)


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