A Life Worthwhile

Someone very close to my heart, once said that I am self-obsessive.
After all, I am always with me. Who else does come for a rescue?

But from past few days, I am letting it loose, from being me and instead, getting involved in something different, yet special. The attempt was still to spread smiles and feel good about living everyday. Comforting isn’t it? Unlike the odd days of unintentional self misery and random tears, these days are getting sober.

Once my mom had asked me, a very genuine question – “What is the purpose of your life?.” She continued – Is it for crying and finding ‘why me‘ questions, living in pain without moving on, drowning in the work or having fun at parties with friends. What is it? In the forthcoming days, though she was oceans away from me, she taught me something  important – Letting go doesn’t mean giving up but LIVING up to who you are meant to be. That your grief is not large or less but there is even more pain and grief everywhere in the world and you should seek comfort in resolving them. Such happiness will be eternal.

With that thought, I am continuing to write my meetings with peace or sadness, whatever comes across. In an attempt to spread some smiles, I went  ahead joining a social cause for helping children from a remote rural area. This is a picture of  kids standing in a queue, waiting for their turns. Do you notice a difference? I bet! You will, as you reach the end.

Before.That terrain, they walk-on has been rough for years and will remain the same for at least next years. We may not build them schools near their homes and reduce their daily average walking distances to the school but there was something we could do really promptly. Readily.

November 2010, a team from my work-place accompanied Outreach on one of their weekend missions in the remote areas of Velhe (70 odd kMs from Pune) and they were struck by the plight of the children. Some of them showed further interest in our consequent activities; one of which was a week-long Medical Camp in these villages, which exposed lot of things, one very prominent being that of sizable number of children were carrying feet infections. The cause – Their parents could not afford a footwear.

Between a volunteer informing this to one of the Outreach managers and him responding correctly, there were hardly any hours gone by. Considering, the funds, people and help was in place. We bought about a thousand pairs of chappals, it was almost instantaneous.

So this Diwali, the folks at work and I declined conventional approach of self-indulgence and buying expensive clothes and fire crackers. Rather bought something more worthy and beneficial. And so, we procured the foot wear – Paragon Hawaii brand, sizes 1-3 and 9-13. And at least for some months to come after that, these tender feet will have something to protect them.

While the little girls and boys were eagerly waiting for their turns, we were making sure that the kids find their sizes and favorite colors. Being a writer, for the event, I was closely monitoring and investing my time with the kids. The little ones kept asking for water, chocolates and we were almost busy escorting them to the powder rooms. Lets get some glimpses.

Girls just loved their pink.

Yuppie, it’s my turn right after you, and I want the same color!



Tomorrow, at least about 700 kids won’t have to worry the terrain anymore. Only this time, there will be something between the harsh soil below and their gentle feet. Soon, it was time for us to head back. I must say, it is comforting to know that when the Sun will heat up the roads tomorrow, these kids will have their feet protected. Off they went.

Of course we still have lot many bare feet to cover but for now that’s how the day unfolded.


Most compelling before and after pictures. I am going to be one happy girl, sleeping cozily tonight. Have a good weekend fellas.

Hold on little girl, show me what he’s done to you.
Stand up little girl, a broken heart can’t be that bad
When it’s through, it’s through.

– Mr.Big (To Be With You)



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