The Last Single Girl

All this weekend, music kept playing in the background.  Karaoking, dancing and humming continued throughout the time.  Singing the cliche’ tunes  of Careless Whispers, To be with you and Against all odds felt nice. The  series of beverages helped immensely and lower the lights better were the vocal chords. The genre had been switched back to homely Country. Seemed, everything was coming back on track.

With moisture in the air, I am liking the humids. My hair are hydrated and the curls are back. The days  are becoming quieter, occasional melancholic smiles, meeting calendars have schedule conflicts and evenings are pre-occupied. By the time night falls, I am back home and writing like never before. The ‘ To do’ list keeps growing.

On Friday night, I finally used List pro, an app on the iPhone – to  list my high priority items needing an attention. The bills are unpayed, grocery is over, plants are drying and the movie list is growing. None of the items were actioned last weekend. Nevertheless, the phone still makes an occasional alarm showing my procrastination elapsed time.

Since the excitement level of my life as of late has been rated somewhere below watching the paint dry, I have been looking for ways to jumpstart my life before it fades faster than General Larry Platt’s ‘Pants on the Ground.’ Until my friend mischievously suggested to try changing my Facebook  status from Single to In a Relationship for a day, it sounded lame.

I was sliding all the attention and suggestions by keeping myself occupied with 3 crucials of my life (at present) – Blog, Music and  Beverages.

So, apart from blogs, there are going to be letters. Strange, yet intriguing.  This is not derived from PS. I love you nor Letters to Juliet but a genuine attempt to seal something important for special ones. Since, some stories didn’t end properly, it’s better, might I write down the expected version of closure. For the sake of having some comforting smiles. It could be my very own fiction. In short, writing does help.

Amidst all, for the past 24 hours, my status had In a Relationship for the first time in over a year and I have to say, I kind of liked it.

Last week, a rock show officially kicked off with Horizon performing at a Party in the town close-by. Shaken beverages, muddled juices, some good quality spirits, fresh fruits, intricate garnishing – A ‘ No ‘ was out of question.  It has been a while since I have been in a friendly place with good bunch of people around. After having been indulged with the 3 crucials + friends + food, I made a conclusion to what my friend had said earlier.

My intent was originally to change the relationship status back to Single today, after a careful review – I have decided, there is one relationship that needs to be revisited. The one with myself. It is about time I invest my energy, I have been spending on relationships with others in than one with MYSELF.

Mr. Big might exist in the reel world but not in the real. And who knows? Maybe someday my Aiden Shaw will be waiting to sweep me off my feet and out of Mr. Big’s life forever – but until that time, this girl is going to keep her feet firmly on the ground, without getting bothered about ‘The Single Status”.  Because, after all:

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you that YOU love, well…that’s just fabulous.

–  Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & the City)


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