Thank You

Sometimes, we just need to make a list to remind ourselves of how blessed we are and how happy life really is through all the small things. To get out of a rut of self-doubt and self-pity, sometimes all it takes is a list.

Things I’m thankful for right now:

  1. A warm comfy bed. {which I’m neglecting…}
  2. A loving Teddy who makes me feel homely and not lonely.
  3. Late night tea sipping and writing.
  4. Drawing/painting/rendering until it is too late at night.
  5. A sweet phone call to a dear friend. {I’m so bad at talking on the phone! but i love it when I do actually get some good girl time with a dear long lost friend}
  6. A good book that I can’t wait to get back into.
  7. A couch to sit on.
  8. Good morning walks while watching the sun rise.
  9. Warm slippers.
  10. Anticipation for seeing family in few months.
  11. Appreciation emails.
  12. Encouragement from that stranger who let’s you know you are doing what you’re supposed to.
  13. A nice text for myself.
  14. Gift planning! I love coming up with that special thing for that special person and making it into a pretty gift
  15. A long weekend! sigh…
  16. A smile.

Well, there ya go. I’m going to sleep one thankful girl tonight.

Show me how you do that trick,
The one that makes me scream, he said.
The one that makes me laugh, he said.

– Katie Melua (Just like Heaven)

2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Beth says:

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    I can relate to all of your topics, really thank your very much.
    BTW, the theme of you site is really terrific. Where can find it?

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