Thats My Name – Akcent Livewire Concert

One word to summarize the performance by Akcent,  I would pick AWESOME.

We were really late entering Attica. I was paranoid thinking the band must have already played few of their best numbers. In addition, people were still standing in the queue waiting for their turns. I remembered few of my friends had warned me about the crowd and chaos at the concert. Nevertheless, it was my lucky day and I was aware of that. Few compliments down the line, I  was feeling better knowing that I was looking pretty with the Zara clad dress, knee length boots (perfect for a winter evening) and most important – Akcent were late too.  Entering the concert was not difficult as I had booked the tickets online and as I flashed the reservations on the iPhone. TADA!! Off we had made our presence.

As we grabbed our beverages, we realized that the place was jam- packed, over crowded with no chance of getting a good glimpse of the band.  I had began to feel sad but we decided to keep moving and sliding in the crowd.

Sometimes, its easy being a girl – mere words like excusez moi helps a lot. Sliding and gliding we had reached the mosh pit. And so, it was nice, all over again. The view was very near to the stage and I could see the performers clearly. And I felt so lucky, of course to be in the mosh pit for my first ever International concert. Since we arrived little late (which was a good thing by the way), we didn’t have to wait for long before the local group had started performing. The DJ’s were fine, I mean with all the loud music and the spirit I had in me , everything sounded nice. I guess, just a little silly because I  knew all the lyrics and was just singing out loud while jumping like a monkey. And…The waiting for that night was over! Woo Ho!!

And you’re the one that lights the fire , I am the one who takes you higher” Akcent started with these lines.Let me give you glimpses.

The Akcent had reached the stage, the security had tightened, beats had started with a bang. That’s my name was the first track they played and the crowd roared like the sky was listening to them. It followed with their next  famous song – Stay With Me. Guess, the song was enough to make people go insane, asking them to play their favorite numbers, chanting once-more demands, synchronizing claps and singing along. The next song was from Akcent’s latest release – My Passion followed by few oldies like – Lovers Cry, Happy People, Kylie and How deep is Your Love. It had been a fabulous night with as much energy as one can possibly imagine, I have to say,  all the performances were beautiful.

Tired standing, jumping and despite feeling like a zombie, I could still shout and sing along with them throughout the entire time. I recorded about 3 of their songs for a dear friend. And, then it ended unexpectedly early around the midnight.  They had left to the green room. But the party had re-started with some of the local DJ’s playing when we somehow decided to push off to Mix@36.

I was super exhausted, hungry and cold. As soon as our drive was out of the parking on to the ramp, I stopped, double checked if I had seen it correct. Akcent’s were waiting outside for their car.  Oh My Gosh! I startled, made my way to them, asked their escort to click a picture. My BAD – the phone was on the video mode and the escort asked me to switch it to the picture mode. I tried, failed to change the mode and fumbled with all my anxiety and anguish. Akcent said, “Give me. Let me help you change that.” He did change the mode for me!!! The picture got clicked while Akcent further said, “What’s your name.” I replied my name. The next few lines he uttered, might I won’t be able to forget ever. He said, “Sonalee you are beautiful.” And I was on Cloud Number Nine. Wow, after that it took me a long time to come back on the ground. Smiles. And I still continue to smile.

Well, watching a video of this band on a You-tube is one thing but to feel the energy of this band live, meet them in person and click pictures was an amazing experience. More than two thousand Akcent fans and I watched the group perform live right here, it all had turned out to be a very successful night with happy ME and we had enjoyed every bit of having them in the city.  Kudos Fellas.

I lose my voice when you say my name
That’s my name, that’s my name, that’s my name

– Akcent (That’s My Name)


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