The Carrie Diaries

“You may not want to lead with the fact that you have a blog about You,” my dear friend kindly advised me as we sipped lattes and commiserated over our recent personal droughts. I had started noting down the conversation for my blog. Somehow it was intriguing.

He had just brought to light an interesting dilemma – When you have made something for yourself, writing in it and its aftermath, do you confess its thy interest or a fame? Will people think you are clever or dub you as trouble?

“On the other hand,” he continued, “This whole blogging thing might just be the making of your after-life, love-life or a personal-life . I’m worried that with your recent fine-life, you will stay on going long enough to keep Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours tag on your blog. Seems rather sooner than a long later that you will be writing about your Aiden Shaw and people will be surprised.”

“What do you keep writing?” — It’s a question I am always asked while scribbling on the notepad or on the computer or phone. It’s a question I always answer with a caution.

“I consider myself a writer on the verge of landing a paying day job.” I say cynically.

“What do you write about?” The inevitable follow-up question.

“Feelings and Thoughts… I have a blog.”

Their eyes open wide, an eyebrow rises, a half-smirk curls upon their lips and they lean in a little closer. “What is it called? Maybe I should read it,” they coo.

“Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.”

Usually, the next thing they will do is take a deep breath and pause. “So, do you want to be that The New York Star lady? The Carrie Bradshaw. Who keeps writing about personal lives of others?”

“No…no, I don’t really care about musing about other people’s life.  In addition, I’m not in the New York to write about it. I’m the only person, I’m really interested in. Blogging is a selfish business of mine”

I take a pause. I try to think and relate. So what does that make me? I cannot be a real-life Carrie Bradshaw.

We ladies, all think we are Carries – Some chasing our Mr. Bigs and some  waiting for their Aiden Shaw’s. Turns out, fellas are out there chasing their Carries. What a misery. Well, still with the exaggerated personality traits  of these 4 girls, it might make it easier to choose which of the gang we most relate to. Is it serious Miranda, perfect Charlotte, sassy Samantha, or single girl at heart Carrie?

Guess, I always strongly identified with Miranda – Smart, wise, creative, cautious, successful, red-headed – I often cited her as my favorite character.

The fact is, I am nothing like Miranda at all – this was just a wishful thinking. She is the type of person I would like to be – grown up, frank, ambitious, forthright – but I guess as I have grown older, I have accepted that we are nothing alike. As much as Carrie’s obsessive, neurotic, borderline romantic-psychotic, self-involved, glamorous-self irritates me. Nevertheless, I have come to accept that I am much more like her in temperament, as much as I initially cringe to admit it. The above are perhaps the worst traits of her character but there is much to like about her (and much I identify with). She’s a writer, which as anyone who writes knows, already marks her out as a person who is self-involved and melodramatic and provokes drama in her life and writes about it. Laughs.. Giggles..

There are vicious concrete reasons why unintentionally we are more like her. If anything Carrie Bradshaw could allow women are to make their own paths  and who shouldn’t be castigated just because at the end they have it all and they have it on their own terms.

For those people who feel inadequate because they aren’t married, do not have huge life savings, who prefer to rent their apartments, are still pursuing their dreams of being a writer and having their own novel, or finding a fella, or even just a traditional idea of what it is to be in your thirties, Carrie Bradshaw is a beacon who says  – “Enjoy your life in Nice Heals with a Few Cocktails and Forget the Rest.”

Like I’m the only girl in the world.
Like I’m the only one that’s in command.

– Rihana (Only Girl)


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