Spanish Fiesta @ Le Meridien

Sometimes, when you are singing along the lyrics but you cant remember what is it called. A total song-loss situation. It was – A smoky room, a small cafe / They come to hear you play / And drink and dance the night away. It sounded perfect for the place. I asked a person playing in the live band, what is it called.

Spanish Guitar.” , he replied.

The first thing that came to my mind is the Flamenco dance, their music, the rage bulls and then flamboyant traditional dress. Of course, how could anyone forget the flavorful Spanish cuisine? Afterall, that was the reason we were here. A little bit of Spain had come to Le Meridian that hosted a celebration of Spanish – Music, Food and Wine festival at La Brassiere.

I couldn’t help but grab the attractive mask, few pictures were hastily clicked. Anything and everything, whoever liked whatever was on the menu. Fellas were ghastly rushing and checking the Wine menu and choosing their favorites, some were checking Tapas menu and I had all my attention religiously dedicated on the desert arena.

So there I go, candle light – check, music – check, my favorite deserts – check. There was no use of a music request card, we totally had inadequate awareness of Spanish music. I wished I could sing my version of ‘We Speak No Español.’ Yet the musician was kind enough to have remixed the Spanish songs with the latest international tracks.

Soon our Tapas dinning had started. The entrée consisted of Calamari and Black Squid ink, Stuffed and Roasted Baby Squid, Salt cod fritters with Orange Alioli and Seafood Paella. The food was served with a Spanish wine called Peromato. It was a soft, easy drinking, fruit forward and floral wine. Few of the white and Red wines were mixed with various fruits and this Sangria was served with traditional Ottoman Carrot Fritters.

All the wines served were complimented with a specific selection of cheeses accompanied with Picos – Spanish crispy bread. Guess, I had failed all my attention after the main course had arrived. I was particularly interested in the Paella, since I had seen it millions of times on the TLC and wished trillions of times to eat it. Finally, it was my time to gobble it immensely. Here are few more glimpses of our food and fun fiesta.

This is one of restaurant in the town where I have spent, expended more of my years than any other. This was my pay-day reward I used to give myself at end of every month, celebrated all girls night hang out here during graduation, new year parties and corporate luncheon sessions, it had always turned out to be just fantastic. It’s a great restaurant to say the least, my most frequented (apart from The Mainland China) it remains my favorite to this day. I have done all my celebrations here, with family and friends. In the ten (or so) years since I first visited it, the Club, the Entresol, the Tea lounge or the Brasserie , every meal was inspiring since then.

The fiesta was one of the best in town, fabulous food and the culture. I can’t decide which was better – The fantastic service, the succulent Paella, the decadent Tapas or the Sangria that went down like water. Seems, this weekend has started with one of the best ways. The weather, the people, the live band and the cultural presence came out loud and exquisite. Great time and happy ME.

When sky blue gets dark enough, to see the colors of the city lights,
A trail of ruby red and diamond white, hits her like a sunrise.
– John Mayer (Neon)



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