Sushi @ Milagro

At the moment, I am intensely fond of Keith Urban’s songs. Seems, I have all of his famous tracks and this year, he has been nominated yet again under the Grammy segment for The Best Male Country Vocal Performance for Till Summer Comes Around. Fingers Crossed – All my wishes for him. Here are my few personal favorites:

  1. I’m In
  2. Raining on Sunday
  3. Till Summer Comes Around
  4. Stupid Boy
  5. You’ll Think Of Me
  6. Put You In A Song
  7. Somebody Like You
  8. Better Life

Well, I am so glad today that I have found a perfect Sushi place in town. Today, I went to Milagro to have Sushi for the very first time since past eight months! I know its my The MOST Favorite and I have been missing it. So blessed to have found it back. Nothing compares the happiness that a small sea-weed clad rice along with raw fish and veggies give. Smiles.

The food we ordered was blend of cuisines – Japanese, Mexican and Chinese. To my delight, it was all my favorite food. I have to say the Crab Sushi actually tasted wonderful, the price was not all that expensive as well. I prefer Sushi King’s California Roll, Salmon Sushi though. Yums. I would say, their service wasn’t quite good, maybe because there were a lot of people at that time. We didn’t get the Spicy Chicken Momos we ordered and it only came after we asked the waiter about it TWICE and I was tad annoyed to see that other people who came after us got their order first.

Anyways, Geez! The Moment Of Truth – These days I can’t think of anything but food. Good news – Finally, I have chubby cheekbones. And I can highlight them with my cherry-peach blush-on that I was preserving from past months. Sad part – I am gaining few pounds. I wonder, when my Mom-Dad are back they might find me almost like the boy posing on the Pillsbury wheat bag. Funny but true, I must start some Power Yoga now. High Time.

Next today, for my favorite course of meal – The Desert, a Velvet Wish. It does sound interesting and indeed very delicious, it’s a Hazelnut Cappuccino with some Dark Chocolate, recently introduced as a part of the winter delight.

I Know I am still here, babbling about food. And I find it funny how I never get enough of sushi. It’s like I can eat 10 plates of sushi and still want more. Oh yes. I keep thinking about the crab sushi at Milagro. Oh drool.

As I continue to taste various food flavors here and try all my food delights, you all take care there and have a happy Monday.

It ticks just like a Timex. It never lets up on you.
Pray that its Raining on a Sunday. Let it Rain.

– Keith Urban (Raining on a Sunday)


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