The Sound of GoodBye

I am back after a much-needed break. It gave me some time to unwind, reflect and celebrate the holidays with my family and friends. There are lots of glimpses to share from past few weeks. I will be posting them around here and there more often. I’m slowly easing my way into 2011.

It was a charming spot at vibrant restaurant where I spent my new years evening – High rise, up-scale, open-air lounge and terrace restaurant. Exorbitant selection from their international grilled items, cocktails, oysters, martinis and delicious food. Desserts at midnight. Can there be anything better? I was engrossed clicking pictures and admiring them, it’s just how I was going to remember the evening and I was glad that the setting was just perfect to usher in a new year.

Somehow, my heart was sinking every time I could hear anyone doing a count-down into the New Year. Few minutes prior to marking our entries, I wished if I could talk to 2010 and let it know how special it was. I could hear people had started making resolutions, I had already made few for myself. Knowing that I had actually accomplished my resolution for this year – I was happy. It is my little secret and I wanted to keep it that way. I can proudly say, I stood by my resolution and completed it successfully. It feels good to tackle a goal and then reach it. Smiles. Yay Me! 

Inevitable last few seconds, 5-4-3-2-1 chaos, some prayed for shooting stars, few were still on the phones, some were raising toasts, some were exchanging hugs – And I said it loudly, ” I survived 2010 and I will miss you forever.” Finally, the place was quiet again with – a sober music, candles flickering, me filling the plate with deserts, warm glow and its dark ambiance. I couldn’t avoid my favorite green lights and so I cared for a picture. I tried to imitate a pose that my dear friend had taught me. It reminded me of the un-ending sessions of laughing and giggling. Gosh, I must know how to stop laughing once I start. There I go again, posing with the greens:Well, amidst all the admiration and happy findings, I gave myself few minutes – Finally, the year had ended with yet another Good Bye. It reinforced one important thing that I have really taken to my heart and may be its the only reason I’m here in the present. Few instances proved me that life is precious and short. A cliché but so true. It’s shorter for some…. than for others and we really don’t know what our future holds or if we hold much of a future on this earth.

Finally, these are my few leanings, happy findings, I am quoting here, asking everyone to live humbly and happily.

  1. Life is a gift to every single one of us.
  2. If you find yourself crying or depressed, fight it.
  3. I’m not saying that sadness isn’t a part of life, and creeps up on everyone at times, but let it out, than fight against it.
  4. Live. Laugh. Love. There’s much wisdom in these 3 L’s.
  5. May your new year be filled with Peace.
  6. May you laugh more, cry less.
  7. May you count your blessings, and learn from failures.
  8. May you see the beauty that is everywhere and thank God you can see it. May you take the time to see it.
  9. Be good to others and forgive old hurts.
  10. Be good to yourself, and don’t just exist…
  11. Do not give up ever. And never. Lets LIVE.

Strange it feels to know that there are people who don’t want to live and then there are some who want to live but cannot. I wondered for long and now I know why…

The more I think of it, the more I realize there are no answers. Life is to be lived. ~Marilyn Monroe


2 thoughts on “The Sound of GoodBye

  1. Hi Sonali, U dont know me, but i know you through Ajaz and your blog ofcourse. Well have been reading your blog on and off recently and would sincerely like to appreciate your writing skills, well you have the art of holding the reader back in the seat………..Good articles i like them……

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