Homecoming – King & Queen

It’s a thank god Thursday. Just a day more and my beloveds will be here. The long wait is finally getting over with a relief that it is not going to be me against the walls.

My past few days were spent bringing everything back to normal.

  1. Bills Paid – Check
  2. Internet Working – Check
  3. Newspaper Delivery – Check
  4. Maid Existence – Check
  5. Grocery Supply – Full – Check
  6. Vegetables – Stored – Check
  7. Water – Filled – Check
  8. Land-line – Working – Check
  9. Plants – Alive – Double Check
  10. Fishy Swimming – 10/10 – Double Check
  11. House Cleaning – Need A Check

Currently, my room is in the biggest mess and I attempted a quick cleaning session but left halfway through it. It made me tad exhausted and I borrowed some help for final finishing. Wished, I had trashed those post-its reminders, mails, bills and chocolate wrappers real time. Kept those stilettos, clips and bows properly in the drawers. I wondered, the clutches were hidden underneath the piles of  dresses, books all over the bed, papers all over the floor and below the bed (those filled with my random thoughts).  Empty popcorn bags, bottles of juice, pizza boxes and enormous sachets of tomato sauce and oregano. Laughing out Loud. Wish, I had kept everything in order. Guess, going ahead, I will have to save myself from being this lazy. A happy realization.

This morning, I woke up to know that the flight has been canceled. So, the wait time increases by another two days. Soon, I had started receiving phone calls from everyone. Some said – you will get to enjoy more days of freedom, let them stay with Mau for one more day, just a day and you will be having the yummiest food on earth, wait for some time till your goodies reach you, let them experience 10 inch snow-clad roads, she will be here soon to pamper you. No one ever asked me what I had to say? I feel, Isn’t it a blessing in disguise? I get more time to clean the house, so it looks neat and tidy. Who would want ‘The Mom’ to get angry when she arrives after 26 hours and 21 minutes of travel time? With multiple lay overs, flight changes and sleepless hours. Not Me!! Duh Duh.

Keenly waiting them to come home. Well, the initial few months of me against-the walls, I experienced extreme and intense loneliness. There were times when I used to over sleep during weekends and weekdays, stay home alone for days, days without any talking and smiling and days getting thus wasted. These unproductive hours were irritating, scared that I can’t have them back and I further relied on my medication and intern slept more. I knew it was self-pity but some reasons I wanted to be in it. That time back had made me more tired and lazy of everything. I just wanted nothing and some more nothing. Fortunately, It didn’t last long, thanks to the happy pellets. And may be this is why my Mom kept asking me, always, “Are you a brave girl or not?” It was my time to answer her rather show her, “Yes Mommy, I am. And I will always be the one.”  And hence, I decided to  move on merrily.

And what I experienced in forthcoming months, it was sheer heaven. I felt, why did I shy off? Soon, I had started making my appearances. Beautiful places and people surrounding me. While people were astonished and showered me with the genuine concerns. Later, It had become a practice and finally, it didn’t matter at all. I was enjoying my time – meeting friends, traveling, working for a cause, smiling, shopping, visiting spas, painting the canvas, trying varied cusines, more smiling, blogging day & night, karaoking, learning the essentials, giggling. The reason being, I had promised them that I will work towards being a happy me.

I wonder, when is my wait-time going to get elapsed? There are a list of activities that I have planned for them and it includes the places that I have recently visited and liked. The new restaurants, lounges, spas, greens, dessert and sushi places. Not to forget, I’m saving a grand surprise for them. And  finally, I am glad, my pampering is going to get started soon. Yay Me!!

Here is my list that I am really looking forward to:

  1. Have my mommy make a french braid of my hair. I still can’t make it, I tried it twice.
  2. Drive out with Pop for some picture clicking session. I am helpless without my Pop’s recommendations and SLR. Sobs.
  3. Grab that Flora by Gucci. Thanks Pop, I know you have got that for me. Peek a Boo.You have made 1 more item go off from my wish-list. Smiles.
  4. Cook Spinach with Chicken along with Mommy and keep eating it over and over again. Slurp Slurp!
  5. Have a pleasant family outing and pamper them with the best of all.
  6. Go out with mommy for a spa session and eat our favorite desserts on the way back.
  7. Spend a day with mommy and grand-ma. Three pretty ladies over a play.
  8. Have mommy put oil in my hair. And sit with her late hours chit-chatting.
  9. Sit with Pop for completing my income tax-proof. Pop I don’t know what I am going to do without you.
  10. Hold mommy’s hand and go to sleep peacefully. Smiles.

On the contrary, I am feeling sad for little Mau. He will be missing her a lot. And so do mommy. But, more than anyone else, its my sister who is going to need mommy badly and tremendously. Lol. I am sure, she is going to take over the mommy’s role very effectively and efficiently. Afterall, she has been trained by none other than Our Mommy.

The two dearests, please come home soon.

And that’s how I foresee the beginning of my pampering for Twenty Eleven.

I’m going home, back to the place where I belong
And where your love has always been enough for me

– Chris Daughtry (Home)



4 thoughts on “Homecoming – King & Queen

  1. Kapil says:

    So sweet… we are surely missing them here.. i dont even like going to the study room..it feels so lonely..
    Your poor sis has been crying all day..
    But feeling good for you .. have fun and do pamper them and urself..they deserve it..
    Very glad that you have rediscovered urself..and hoping u will save the best of the places for us 🙂

    • Sure, I have so many new and lovely places already identified for you. And the best part is I will drive you there. You both should not feel sad about it but wait for the arrival of Mau’s Grandma and pa.

  2. monali says:

    so sweet…you literally brought tear in my eyes…so much you love and care them…take good care of mom dad and yourself. i am missing them a lot.bohohohoho i want them back 😦

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