Twinkling Eyes

After the madness of November and December – A Pause. My favorite thing about January has always been the return to Normalcy with a daily routine.

The house had started looking like a home. This afternoon, I had woken up to a pretty place. The cute green plants were seated neatly, new fragrant candles were back in the stands, flowers in the vase and the room filled with fresh  smell of curtains and sheets.

Twinkling Eyes.After a brief visit to every room, I entered the study room, it had a fluffy bag with a tag on it that read – For You.  HAUL TIME. Yay!! It took me some time to take all the items out of the puffy baggage, get dazzled, try them, re-try  and get allured. The time that we had spent cleaning the house was in vain, for good. It was a gift showering time for me  – Late Christmas gift, New Year’s Gift, Gifts from my Brother-In-Law, Special gift from my baby Santa and many more. Happy with the overall haul and the goodies.

Now, I have  all the fragrances of Calvin Klein from my Dad (Wonder, how he knew about Escape getting over.) I completely adore this set, it consists the best of Calvin Klein’s:

1. Eternity,
2. Obsession,
3. CK One and
4. Escape.

Yay Yay. This one didn’t come with a surprise. I knew that daddy had got me Flora by Gucci. That’s the perk of creating a wish list and publishing in the blog. So, there it goes, lavish additions in my collection. And thats my unending obsession with perfumes.Mom got me, Bath & Body Works fragrances. The set were perfect as she didn’t miss out on getting a matching mist with the body lotion. It comprised:

1. Midnight Pomegranate,
2. Enchanted Orchid,
3. Moonlight Path,
4. Secret Wonderland,
5. Dark Kiss,
6. Butter Fly Flower. Sadly, Japanese Cheery Blossom was not available.

From their new range of Liplicious fruit gloss, she got me sweet flavors of Cherry, Peach, Strawberry. A Cherry Blossom’s moisturizer conditioner and a matching mist, a Sweet Pea and Vampire Blood Pocket Bac’s anti-bacterial hand gel. This is a clip-on for your hand bags or clutches and its pretty chic since it’s a carry along bottle of hand sanitizer that works just like  an accessory. A shocking pink, Profusion’s beauty wallet for me. Smiles. All Mine.Aeropostale Pullover – My Brother-In-Law bought this for me because it is getting colder this year and I need to stay protected from Cold. What a perfect thought, I need more of these -_- Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan – Dad got me two of these in different styles. And both are gorgeous. Mau was the Santa Clause this year, he has got me a pair of Snow-Man that I am going to use for storing Hershey’s Kisses. A Laura Scott’s perfect Friday casual wear, Old Navy T-shirts, Legwear and Red Sneakers – Mom got me all of them and more of those. This is more than anticipation. Beware, I don’t need excessive care and pampering, I may get spoiled guys.To help my sweet tooth, the shelf’s are going to get filled with enormous amounts of Hershey’s, Reese’s, Ghirardelli’s, Whopper’s and Rocher Ferraro’s. Sometimes, I wonder, these chocolates look so gorgeous, might I frame them. And I continue to gobble them down with my happy self-realization.

Moreover, I am happy that they are back and with me. Somewhere, I am feeling secured knowing they are here and are not going anywhere. And this thought is very comforting. Everything apart, I am having the best of time with Them, with my Present’s and I can’t wait to start using my Goodies. And that’s my HAUL. Hurray hurray!

There I go,  gobbling down the Whoppers, drinking Starbucks frappe and applying  the French Broadway nails.

Sweet Dreams Fellas.

“My Momma always said, you have got to put the past behind you before you can move on.” – Forrest Gump (1994)


8 thoughts on “Twinkling Eyes

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    Hi there! I am Trish. OMG! I laughed at this one. I was also frightened undergoing labor pains. Your post has freshen up my memories. Thank you.

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