Guest Post : Our Sweet Little Boy

There was a gorgeous addition past year in the family. Since then I have been  talking about it anytime and everywhere. A delighted addition that had subdued all the bad past subtractions. The more I think about it, the happier I get. It’s so pretty and beautiful that I can’t get tired of going a Ga Ga about it. Well, I feel that I am the luckiest Aunt in the world to have been blessed with the cutest of the nephew.So, today we have a Guest-Post  from none other than my gorgeous Big Sister. Following are the lines written by a New-Mommy explaining her Motherhood and fun that she and the baby boy had together while he was waiting, wanting and struggling to come out and see this beautiful world. Here she goes:

__________________________________________________________ The week of 14th October, Mom-Dad had finally returned from their LA and Vegas trip. Three days prior to our baby’s Oth birthday, the inevitable things had started happening – Most aggravating pain, cramps in my lower abdomen and endless misery. It all had begun yesterday but somehow, I neglected it. Besides, my only caretaker, Daddy-To-Be, was out of the town to one of our friends place. He wanted to visit some stupid university in Durham NC, USA for getting some information on MBA. Now, his plans for MBA are lying somewhere in my trash can. Laughing out Loud.

But that’s not my story. So coming back to me, soon I had booked an urgent appointment with Dr. Morgan and went for a medical examination. God only knows why did we choose her as our Gynac. If I am allowed to give someone The Worst Doctor’s Award, I will give it to her.

In an anticipation of getting rid of the pain, I told my doctor everything I was suffering through but she simply ignored saying – It must be the baby weight, You are not at all dilated, Your baby is shifting down, Don’t worry go home, Take 1 Tylenol (pain reliever) and If pain persists take two!!!! Gracious!!! She further said that your symptoms do not look like a labor pain and you must calm down and relax. I couldn’t help but follow my doctor’s instructions. It was a difficult day but somehow I managed it with Mom and Dad around. My Life Saviors. Also, My Sincere Thanks to Tylenol and  the Hot Compress Packs. Ouch!

The week of 16th October, after a difficult night, I was awake early to experience yet another long day filled with intense excruciating pain. I couldn’t walk a few steps by myself and needed a support for lying down on bed and to even change my position. My Preggy Pillows didn’t comfort me at all. By now, I had ended up calling almost every Gynac I knew in our family and everybody had showered me with their pregnancy experiences and remedies. Somehow it didn’t accomplish anything except leaving me in tears and more pain. At 1:00 AM, finally it dawned on me, the pain had gotten from bad to worse and I told the-daddy-to-be to call the emergency number. The nurse assured me a call back in some time. Within 10 minutes, I was speaking to Dr. Durer, a doctor-on-call who asked me to describe everything happening in me. Since, it was my first preggy experience, I failed to distinguish between a normal and a labor pain. I said, “My pains are steady and not in intervals.” The doctor replied, “Everything is as expected. You should not worry at all.” Sadly, I thanked him, hung up the phone and tried to cuddled down caressing my baby at the corner of the couch.

The fear of not being able to change the position was not letting me sleep. By 5:00 AM, the pain was rising at alarming speed, still unbearable and we called my Sister-In-Law who is also a Gynac in India. She told me to be brave and strong. Alas, It was yet another sleepless night on the couch,  with some extra support of cushions and daddy-to be by my side. It was the longest night of my life.

The week of 17th October, the beginning of Vijayadashmi – It marks the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. In a positive aura filled with terrible pain, we decided to meet Dr. Morgan and get a higher dose of a painkiller. In a jiffy, I did my shower, daily chores and we all read Ramraksha Stotra 7 times before leaving. Many thanks to my Mother-In-Law for teaching me the chants. As per the name implies Ramraksha Stotra – I completely believe that it keeps the baby safe  during 9 long months in the mother’s womb. We strongly recommend it to the expecting Moms. Also, I used to talk with my baby throughout the 9 months, as per recommended by my Mommy. She told me that the baby listens to you.

Likewise, that day also I told him ” Baby, mama is in pain so please help mama in reducing her pain“. And you will not believe he did hear me.

At 2:00 PM after a sumptuous lunch my-daddy, daddy-to-be and I left for  the hospital – unaware of what was ahead. There were still 22 days, before my grand day and we all knew that  after the check-up was done, we will home sitting with a pile of butter pop-corns watching a nice movie on the DVD.

But still I told Mommy to be ready with my bag if needed.

The nurse jumped, startled as she saw me. She said, ” You need to be admitted immediately. You are in an early labor dear.”

She examined and further said, “You are 4 cm dilated and the baby is going to come today, Congratulations.”

Our JOY knew no bounds but at the same time I had the fear of the labor pains. It was a bad time to remember and regret over watching too many movie scenes where the lady keeps on screaming and shouting due to pain. Guess, all my life I had dreaded for that pain and now, I was really really and absolutely Nervous. Countless times, I must have asked the doctor to let me have a C-section, I thought I won’t be able to endure the labor.  I asked the nurse the same and she assured me that the process will be smooth and that there is nothing to be worried about, just think of your Baby.

By 7:00pm my water broke and I was given Epidural (Magical Potion Got Me). It took all my pain away(I would again recommend every preggy mom to take epidural.) Soon, my  mommy had arrived too. My labor was so smooth that I was watching my favorite movie – Dil Chahta hai, while my little baby was moving forward slowly, getting eager to see this beautiful world. As people say sometimes, the things that you fear the most turn out to be the easiest once you experience it.

By 10:00 pm I was fully dilated and was ready for pushing my Cutie Pie. The nurse had finished my final examination and asked me to start pushing more till Dr.Duerer comes (My Gynac has off on a Sunday.) It was time to get final wishes and good luck. Mom-Dad wished me a good luck and opted to wait out, while the super-excited daddy-to-be was all dressed-up in a doctor-suit and stayed with me. I had started to push, enjoying each and every second of my labor, daddy-to-be by my side all the time. Actually, he looked more worried, since he was expecting some pain on my face. To my delight, all my pain had disappeared. The nurse kept monitoring my graph to see the contractions, telling me when to push. We were hoping that the baby should arrive on the same day but after 2 hours of pushing my Doctor declared that the baby is adamant and doesn’t want to come out easily so we may need to use suction or forceps. I opted for suction. But as expected that also failed and I was taken to OT to have a c-section. Daddy-to-be got some more time and re- joined me in OT this time with his camera.

I was given extra dose of epidural to numb my lower body. Finally, the most awaited moment arrived and my little angel entered our life. It was 1:42 AM. His first cry brought tears in my eyes and so in his Daddy’s. I still remember the smiling face of two babies of my life. Our Baby was taken to a table around 10 feet away where the proud daddy took the honor of cutting his umbilical cord . I was looking at him in the half numb state, choking with emotions, eager to hold him in my hands, thinking – What a Magical world. We created a baby and there he was crying and moving his little feet. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him but my lower half was still wide open! And 4 doctors were working on closing the same!Finally the wait had ended and my little creation was brought near me. I was choked and speechless. What a feeling!!I was taken back to my room where I waited for my baby and soon he was brought to me – Wrapped in a White Blanket. Oh My God! It was the most wonderful moment of my Life. My baby boy. My Sweet Little Boy – We decided to name him Dhruv.

I still remember the first time I had taken him in my hands, we all had waited for him so long. He was the loveliest. His soft touch. Small dark black eyes, little fingers and not to forget black silky hair. Those hair had caused me so much acidity/heartburn but guess the hair were more than worth it. A Small Crown of wonderful black hair.

Finally, All our prayers had been answered. The best of us were here with him and we adored the moment  immensely.______________________________________________________________

Isn’t it a beautiful experience folks? Eventhough, I missed all the fun! But  I have most of the glimpses captured through photos, letters and emails.  Besides all, there is one thing that I cannot forget and miss – I am doing it as soon as I click Publish on this post today. And having said that, TADA! its my time to be with my nephew!! Off I go and turn the Web-Cam ON.

You all have a happy weekend People.

And I will keep you safe and strong. And shelter from the storm.
No matter where it’s barren. A dream is being born.

– Boyzone (No Matter What)

6 thoughts on “Guest Post : Our Sweet Little Boy

  1. This is so so touching and beautiful… Can’t just wait to meet the little angel in your life! Come to India soon, Kapil and Moni, we want to play with Dhruv 🙂

    • These are magical words of a mother and her motherhood. She wrote it in the best possible way. And Totally, I am keenly waiting for him. Gosh! cannot get enough of him through a webcam 😦

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