International Women’s Day: 100th Anniversary

So lately I have been re-arranging the house. Everyday. And trust me it has started looking beautiful.

Sometime few weeks back, while handling my bag in one hand, lunch-box in other, juggling between the keys and the phone I had opened the front door to see a beautiful low light living room. Blue tiny series of bulbs in the cabinet with a tray filled with dried fragmented blue leaves. And amongst all a translucent bowl full of pink-white petals in a dim yellow light. I was inside a perfumed filled room with red candles perfectly sitting in the stands. Awww. Moment of Truth – I had made these arrangements to pamper ME on the Valentine’s day. Laughing out Loud. I know its lame. But it’s just the life of a single woman and it is a whirlwind of contradictions.

One minute you like something, the next it wont appeal you; one day you have a huge sum in the bank, the next day you realize its still less to buy a dream house; one week you feel single and fabulous, the next you just feel lonely and mediocre. It happens to the best of us.

There is no real safety net nor a secured chamber, no fierce protector, no knight in a shining armor to scare all the bad guys away when we are feeling troubled at work. Yes and this is being Solo. Alone, looking at the martini glass when it is half then repenting for doing so, stalking Facebook expeditions to see how the exes are balding looking ugly and miserable now. Singular, when I kill an enormous cockroach or change a tire all by myself and  become completely convinced that all I need to do is wear a “S” T-shirt and then I could save the world. SUPER Duper Girl. Yay ME!

Plural, dancing all night with our girlfriends then ace our presentation at work the next day, facing the condescending looks at family gatherings when people learn that we don’t have a significant “OTHER” and pat on us like we are their pet and say: “Oh, don’t worry. You will be fine!” We lose jobs and friends and parents and people and seasons change and sometimes have no one but just our pillow to witness the tears.

We fall in love – deeply, madly, passionately and sometimes, they forget to love us back. Sometimes we love someone for years, without the other person even knowing we exist. We suffer in silence, hoping against hope that one day they’ll not just look at us, but really SEE us; that they’ll not just want us, but need us. Sometimes life offers us a second chance to get it right and sometimes life just offers us a second chance to say goodbye.

Sometimes even after all the hurt, and all the waiting, and all the hoping, and all the wishing…for reasons beyond our control, it still doesn’t work out. Sometimes you just know the only way to be true to YOU is to let them go.

If we are lucky, we have a best friend to reflect our hearts back to us and show us our strength when we have lost our way. And if we are REALLY lucky, we have a 1000 incredibly brave, sassy, independent, beautiful, strong honorary best friends to inspire us to be a better version of ourselves – To walk our talk, to live up to a higher standard and to never lose the faith that someday, some way, amidst all the many frogs, our Prince Charming will emerge and sweep us off into our Happily Ever After.

This, my dear fellas, is my way of saying thank you. Thank you for believing in what I have to say. Thank you for continuing to faithfully follow me. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and inspiring me to be the very best woman who I can be. And most of all, thank you for making me so incredibly proud to call myself a independent woman. I am certainly in good company among you.And here’s the good news for you, 2011 year marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. And just so that we all will be celebrating our Womanhood: Here’s my word of wisdom to – All the Black, White, Beige, Chola descent, Lebanese, Oriental and mostly a Single Women.

We are tough. We are bold. We are fierce. We face the world the single way every single day and we don’t back down. We don’t let the idea of going to a movie or a lunch alone intimidate us. We don’t let the threat of bumping into an ex stop us from going to the most fabulous party in town with our head held high. We walk a path that many women will never have to walk – A path that forces us to constantly step out of our comfort zones, a path that a majority of the women we grew up with will never have to walk.

Finally, this journey is not an easy one – but we welcome the danger. We welcome the unknowns. There is a fire in the soul of us that can never quite be tamed, an unwillingness to settle, an independence all our own, built from the knowledge that we can do absolutely anything without calling for backup and we can look damn good doing it. There is a wisdom we possess that comes from surviving a broken heart, a shine to us from learning how to make an entrance into a room accompanied by no one but me, myself and I, a confidence that comes from knowing we are not afraid to fall – Because each time we fall, Life presents us with another opportunity to get up and move up.

We realize a happy life is more important than a happy ending and that we don’t need a significant other to lead a significant life. And if one day, our Prince does find us, we won’t expect him to complete us, but to compliment us. Because we are strong. We are invincible. -_-

Dont Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen. Whether you’re Broke or Evergreen.
Rejoice and love yourself today. Because you were born this way.
Born This Way – Lady Gaga


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