Meet The Meats @ Westin

On a Thankful Thursday morning, sipping over a tea, soaking in the morning-glory, I read it somewhere on my twitter timeline. I had stumbled across an article from a local food guide named The Tossed Salad about their recent announcement. Apparently, a majority of people in town were contesting and had already written a review and were waiting with a bated breath.

It Read: Giveaway: We’ve got a free dinner coupon. Leave a comment as to why you should be the one to dine at Meet the Meats @ Prego – Westin. Name shall be announced on 19th Feb.I had reached just the mid-week, drowned in the meetings, mail-jails, snezzy and cold. The days like these when fun & frolic is far away, food for thought at extinction and creative thoughts in the trash-bin makes me grim. Amidst all, few of the apps on my phone had helped me keep a tab of the latest updates, RSS feeds, headlines and trending topics. That’s how I was connecting the dots.

And given a chance to write about everything-anything, I wont fail myself. Soon, I had written a review and was waiting with the fingers crossed. Well, actually, it was not a contest, as it clearly stated, it was a Giveaway. So as long as, I had an honest justification there wasn’t a reason for not winning the prize. Hooray!

It was Saturday, the week of 19th. My intuition had been rocking from past few weeks and somehow I knew that I was going to WIN the Giveaway! Soon, I had received a phone-call from the Chief Lifestyle Activist of The Tossed Salad and I had been asked to collect the Happy Winning Letter. Yay Yay!! 🙂 Between, getting flooded on my twitter timeline till getting dolled up, I had canceled my girls night-out, had given up on the movie tickets of 127 Hours and had created a back-up PM for the ongoing implementation at work. Such is the love towards the meat. Slurp!! Finally, I had made my presence at Westin. And that’s my Lucky Letter.Meet the Meats – A festival of various meats is being hosted from Feb 19th through Feb 28th at Westin – Where you will find all kinds of steaks with enormous choices of marinade & rub – barbecued sauce, roasted garlic, mixed herb, herb & garlic butter, mushroom cream, green peppercorn sauce and many more. Plus, choice of side dishes, soup, salad and a desert. The concept has been designed with an enviable selection of international meats to tempt that carnivore inside you. LOL. So, mark your calendar fellas because if you are a Meat Lover, Prego is just the right place for You.

After having rounds of posing and picture clicking, we entered Prego. There were three types of tables to choose from. You may dine out-doors with a view of the bright lights, river flowing and the city streets or near the bar or just right besides the open kitchen. We were taken to a beautiful table by the window and soon we had ordered healthy beverages – Berry-Berry, Fruit Punch and a Ginger Lemon Fizz. Our complimentary oven-fresh bread with olive oil and vinegar was sitting happily draped in a beautiful bowl. Here are few more glimpses:We were making ourselves comfortable in the cozy corner. While I was observing the intricate detailing and the tableware, our attendant approached and asked, “Ma’am, how would you prefer the Meat? Medium or Well Done?”

I replied, “Uhmmm. What do you suggest.”

He explained, “Well Done is Grey-brown meat throughout and slightly charred whereas Medium is red-pink meat surrounding the center. The outside is Grey-brown..”

Enlightened, I thought. We had an attentive waiter who was friendly as well as able to recommend the right flavors when I could not decide between the choice of sauces and marinades. Soon our choice of food had started arriving. The first course consisted: Insalata Romagnola – A salad comprising tomatoes, asparagus, pine nuts and eggplant. It was subtle but exquisite. The second course of meal consisted: Zuppa Di Broccoli Con Pane Abbrustolito – A broccoli and barley soup with garlic croutons. The side dish consisted: Sautéed mushrooms with garlic and fresh herbs, grilled seasonal vegetables with sun-dried tomato pesto, crispy fried onion rings and soft polenta with gorgonzola. Finally, the main course had arrived and it consisted: Grilled Lamb Steaks with BBQ sauce and truffle red wine reduction. It was my first take on steaks and it was just perfectly pleasant, awesomely palatable indeed.Well, I was just waiting for the most important part of the meal – The Dessert. I choose, Zuppa Inglese Con Meringa Bruciata: A custard chocolate, candied fruit with a base cake. It was Heaven on earth. Yums. The service was excellent and so the food.Our attendant was back again with a big friendly smile on his face and he said, “Ma’am, the bill has already been taken care.” And that’s a perk of winning a giveaway fellas. While I think the food was good, the service excellent and the ambiance perfect. Now, who wants to go Prego? Go rush, the festival is going to end soon. All in all, quite a wonderful experience. A delicious journey that certainly left me completely satiated.

Well, the poll is closed now and Winner is ME.

I hope that the universe will conspire for you too. Here’s for hoping. Cheers.

The universe may not always play fair, but at least it has got a hell of a sense of humor. – Carrie Bradshaw


4 thoughts on “Meet The Meats @ Westin

    • Moni, I wrote why I should be given a chance to be the lucky one to get the opportunity of having a grand dinner. I told them what I did when I was there the last time with my girlfriends and how much we enjoyed being there. I exaggerated completely. Only because I wanted to win. -_-

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