Dinner @ Barbeque Nation

Live barbeque on the Table, Best friends and a Great place. What else could you possibly ask for?I was at Barbeque Nation the past weekend celebrating with friends. Can you say fabulous? Because, that is what it was. There were endless amounts of laughter,  playing with lovely baby, innovative food, joy,  fun and really what more could a Girl ask for? It’s hard to sum up the event into a post, so I want to share a few of my favorite things.

I got to spend amazing time with some of my favorite people along with the gorgeous food. The Barbecued Sea-food and Chicken were in abundance as were the Grilled Veggies. I had got my heart and eyes fixed on the delicious roasted Prawns. Here are the initial glimpses:Gorgeous delicate starters were around every turn for our unlimited and insatiable appetite. Yums. I think I had turned into one Giant Prawn – Because I literally ate 3 skewers of them in a day and wanted more. Happiness. At one point in time I thought I might have overdosed and decided to keep some room for the main course and the desserts. Soon, we were engrossed finishing the soup and the next course of meal. The food looked so good and smelled even better! I ended eating my Fork!We did even had a little birthday celebration. I have had so much cake this month, I think I don’t need any more cake for at least three more days. He He. -_ – Hey, that’s a long time to go without cake! Well, the choices of desserts were lovely and many. I had taken an extra pot of cuppy cream and jelly…but about 45 minutes later I still couldn’t  get over it and was back with plateful! Obviously, the idea of sweets available at all hours of the day is extremely exciting to me! I have to say it was the best BBQ that I have had so far. Everything I ate was spectacular. Especially, the BBQ. Unlimited dessert counter. The service was great too.

With that, I shall end this post. Seems, too much sweet has caused my wisdom tooth go ache. And a thought of meeting a dentist is scaring me now. It doesn’t even help knowing that it is already Sunday! And then, hello again Monday. Sigh. At least, I’m getting so much closer to the next friday when I can have the delicious food at The Bonnet. Not to forget, Gelato Italiano’s Flavor of the Month Tutti Frutti Toffee Festival. Hoorah -_-

Wish me luck on my encounter with the dentist. Have a good rest of the Sunday all ♥

Pretty Pretty Please. Don’t you ever ever feel,
Like you are less than Perfect. – Pink (Perfect)

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