ICC Cricket World Cup Final @ Courtyard By Marriot

Past few weeks I had been waking up edgy. Felt as if I had my exam scheduled today and I studied the entire night for a wrong subject. When I told my friends and family, I knew I was not alone and the entire country had similar notions. Anxiety, butterflies and goosebumps in them.

The week of April 2nd, I woke up early, had prayed twice, went out to grab our official  Indian Cricket team’s T-shirt (which was sold-out everywhere). Alas, I wore a blue shirt that remarkably looked a little darker shade of blue giving a false impression. 😉 Finally, I had settled down to a lighter blue shade and had double checked our reservations for the screening of the final match between India and Srilanka. Off we had reached The Courtyard – By Marriott. The decor was class apart. Neat and comfortable for watching the telecast. I was all set up and glued to the screen as the toss had begun. During the first innings of play, we had taken seats at their indoor cafe called Momo’s To Go. I spared few minutes and captured the glimpses: The second innings was set up in an open-air restaurant called Momos Alfresco. The arrangements were paradisiacal and we were enjoying a breezy cold evening watching the match on a giant outdoor screen. It felt just like being there. And the food that had started flowing was magnificent. I was surprised in a good way to see that they dint serve Momo’s but Mughlai cuisine. It was delicious and I ate quite a lot as compared to others. For the entrée, we were served with Fried King fish, Chicken Reshmi Kebab, Mushroom and Cottage Cheese Tikka, Enormous Cricket and Purple Punch.  Yum Yum. The Indian team was fumbling and loosing wickets at the frequent intervals, some people were engrossed biting their nails and some were superstitiously sitting firm at their seats and not even moving a muscle. While the food was rolling in continuously, we preferred keeping our concentration intact on the screen. Soon, drinks had arrived on the field and I took a stroll to see the live barbecue.The Indian Players were performing much better by the time I returned. I could hear shouting, see smiley faces, drums roll and the party had begun. We could not wait to see the Indian captain lift the world cup trophy. The celebrations had already started. No sooner, the final run was scored stylishly by hitting a huge six and the crowd had erupted. With the commencement of celebrations, it was time to divert the attention towards the  adorable food that missed my attention for sometime. We preferred gearing up with the next course of meal before the presentation ceremony started.

For our main entrée, we choose Smoky BBQ Chicken Steak and Three Treasure fish. I actually quite like the Steak! I remember the last time I had ordered Steak Ribs they were tasteless! And that was the day I vowed to never order any steak, I guess I’m breaking that vow in the future as this barbecued chicken steak was deliciously savory.I liked this too! Yay! The  Cauliflower Mornay with Roasted Almonds, Lamb with Gravy and Sautéed Vegetable’s was extremely pleasing, caramelized and spicy, it complimented the sweet savory Cauli very well. Few more glimpses of the buffet:Lastly, this is one thing that I gobbled enormously, the ultimate guilty pleasure. Yeap, those were their desserts. Classic chocolate cake, walnut brownie, chocolate cupcake, carrot cake, raspberry mousse, lemon and mango cream pastry and my WINNER of the day Caramel Custard. And that’s called heaven on the earth fellas. 🙂Overall the meal in itself was great, service excellent and watching India win & lift the ICC Cricket World Cup for the first time ever in my life was an EPIC. Totally delightful. The only thing that somewhat tainted the entire experience was the fact that I had stuffed myself with enormous  amount of calories. Maybe, I won’t weigh myself until next few months. -_-

I might drop by MoMo’s again in the future and bring some more friends to help finish those  gorgeous desserts who took my heart away. Well, no more food pictures for today.

Have a happy Monday people.

Whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground.
Pick it up, pick it up. Up, up, up, up, up and never say never.

– Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith (Never Say Never)


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