The Joy Of Giving

This week, I was helping a social institution for passing out school kits to the kids in the rural areas.

One of my organization’s current Freebie Projects is the distribution of School Kits. This month, we are conducting a month-long drive for assembling school kits which will be distributed to the kids early next month when they will be back from their Summer Vacation.

I had arrived to find about 75 volunteers from various corporate firms had already assembled in anticipation of an exciting distribution event. My Outreach counterpart had began to explain the activities planned for the day and procedure’s for performing each tasks. He said, “We were going to have – Notebooks (People smiled & clapped), Scissors (More smiles & clapping), Eraser, Ruler, Crayons (Again, smiling & clapping), Pencils (LOUD CHEERS), and a Pencil sharpener (Back to smiles and clapping).” Never had I seen such an excitement about the school stationery. It was something different.

And in that moment, I suddenly and humbly realized that something most people consider so commonplace was valued so highly in this place. It actually brought tears in my eyes knowing that I am part of an organization that is responsible for bringing so much joy and optimism into the lives of these kids.Soon, all of us were divided into three groups – 1. Quality Check 2. Assembly and 3. Storage. I had joined Quality Check. We were about around 200+ by noon and all the folks from various corporate firms were performing the tasks with utter diligence. Sometime before lunch, we had completed a count of 1500 bags.

Post lunch, I had switched to the assembly line for filling the stationary in the quality checked bags – Class I to IV had: Crayons, 4 One Line note books, 5 Four line notebooks, Drawing book, Prayer booklet, Compass box. Class V to VII had: 4 Long registers, Geometry box and a Prayer booklet. Packing these bags was even more fun – as the kids were helping us too. One of the tasks given to the Kids were filling the Compass Box. I wished I could pick one of those for myself too. Isn’t it Lovely. 🙂There is enormous unseen effort behind a school kit drive. The primary objective of this non-profit organization is to get time and participation of the donor in assembling and distributing the kits to the underprivileged kids. The finance is in place currently but what we lack is the engagement of the people.

End of the day, we had crossed a count of about 3500 bags but there is a lot to accomplish before we begin the distribution drive, next week. The target for this year is 30,000 kits which will be disbursed to the kids from various slums and NGO’s. We already have a participation of 200+ volunteers from 75 corporate companies but we need more help. So bring your families/friends, lets spread a word for larger participation and lets put smile on the faces of these needy kids.

The next School Kit Assembly session is going to be held on Sunday 22nd May 2011, 9:30 AM at the IMCC, Bal Shikshan Mandir, Mayur Colony, Kothrud, Pune.

Hope to see you all there.

And if we give a little of our love away,
Maybe meet in the middle every night, everyday.
If we could hear just a whisper of what the hearts trying to say,
It could sure make a difference in some small way.

– Celine Dion (In Some Small Way)


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