August Happiness

I feel like the monsoon is passing me over this year, despite my best efforts I didn’t feel it. And August, you are way too early this year. There is also lots of unfinished ad hoc work, long got-to-do list, and so many emails to answer. I am not finding much inspiration to share with you here. I haven’t been cooking much, I’m not writing enough and I’ve had no desire to snap new photos lately. I had been tied up. I have obtained and completed all my targets that I had set for myself since last year. I am happy because everyone is happy around me. But at the same time, I am stuck with the biggest question – Whats Next…

So I’m on a little blog holiday to do a self-actualization and come up with a revised more exciting, meaningful to-do list. Recharge, regroup, relax, refuel. I will share some good stuff soon and now I’m  going to sign off here for about few more weeks. We all need to give ourselves a break now and then, I think…

Life has a way of unfolding just as it should when we step back & allow events to unfold naturally & authentically. – Mandy Hale


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