Beauty and The Feast

Welcome September, we all know when fall kicks off, its time for Gossip Girl.I have started missing Monday’s. The dreaded blues are suddenly felt gleeful and I wait eagerly to watch the high end upper east side drama.

This Gossip Girl season feels like a golden age to me. Along with the high end glamour, drama, labels, Kristine Bells narration there are sharp cut real life scenarios and most important – For the first time, since past 5 years, Gossip Girl talks about family, being yourself and unconditional love. How is it possible to not love them?

If all goes well with Blair and Prince Louie, we will witness a reel life fairy tale. But this is Gossip Girl and things rarely go as planned. Fairytale exists but one must know which one is meant for them, or with – The Prince Charming, The Frog or A Real life Pauper. And probably the only reason I wrote a full page blog post is to summarize and justify the beautiful lines conversed between Blair Waldorf (An overachiever and so-called Queen “B” of Manhattan’s social scene and elite class) and her friend in disguise Dan Humphrey (Cabbage patch Brooklyn boy or our very own Pauper): The lines were:

  • Blair: And what if I lose everything?
  • Dan: You’ll still have me.

And I learnt a lesson from this episode titled “Beauty and The Feast” – Aren’t we lose all and fall just a little bit? We fall into Love, fall out of Love, fall into a new Career or a new City or a new Life. Maybe at the end of the day, all we can do is release what depletes us, like a guy who can’t see the crown jewel standing right in front of him, or you do not exist for someone and should be alright anyways, and then it’s fine if the Fairytale never occurred, atleast you don’t have to kiss a False Toad to know if that was a Real Prince.

But isn’t is super cool to end such inhibitions and cling to whatever completes us? Like our mother, our sister, our man friend or our best friends to experience and share the incredible, beautiful, magic, tragic highs and lows of life. And thus if things are little messier, imperfect, flawed – The clinging rescuers for our after-end can give us some courage to walk our own-self with a little more sassiness, a little more bravery, a little more confidence and then that’s all that matters.

Just the way I felt, Dan did for Blair..
” May be it’s not blood bonds that make us a family, perhaps it’s the people who know our secrets and love us anyway, so we finally can be ourselves.”
– Gossip Girl

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