Bow-Tie “Farfalle”

Don’t you adore these little Bow-Tie’s. Sometimes also called as Farfalle is a type of pasta used mostly with tomato and cream sauce. I choose farfalle quite often since it looks pretty and the sauce marinades nicely in each feather.

I made a pasta last Saturday and it turned out to be really amazing. This is a leisure recipe just to compliment your laid back weekend evening. So don’t hesitate using extra dash of creme, cheese and sass!20120221-020917.jpg

To start, cook pasta in hot boiling water for 25 minutes and let it settle down at room temperature. Add some olive oil so that it doesn’t stick.20120221-021002.jpg

I got entire can of Figaro since italian food has become a hit in the house besides it is the most easiest to cook and tastes heaven.

Make sure you have lots of tomatoes refrigerated before you start making this dish. Now chop fresh-some-raw tomatoes into big slices (chuck their seeds please). Similarly, chop green, yellow capsicum, some carrots and onions into big square chunks. Heat some olive oil and stir fry the veggies for 2 – 3 mins. Sprinkle 2 spoonful Chilly Flakes. 1 spoonful Oregano herb. Add some Salt.

To make White Sauce: Heat some butter in a bowl, add 1 cup milk, 1 spoonful white refined flour, 1 spoonful black pepper powder and salt to taste. Cook until it becomes thick white sauce. I like keeping the pasta cremey and hence I make this sauce in abundant quantity. Believe me you will thank me for this tip!

To make Red Sauce: Make wholesome puree of 5 big tomatoes and add 5 spoons of tomato ketchup and set aside.

Final Preparation: Add 1 tsp olive oil and put all veggies, add farfalle, add 1 spoonful of Oregano. Now pour, red sauce then white sauce and mix everything religiously. Add salt to taste.

To Garnish : In a microwave bowl, make layers of pasta and cheese slices. Bake for 2 minutes.

Enjoy savory slice of Farfalle with your choice of beverage!



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