Broccoli Soup And Croutons

Winter seems to have disappeared but some of the recent nights still reminds me of its unusual chills. I use the post work hours to microwave some comfort food and gulp it feeling warm, nice and cozy. This is yet another Italian soup that suits well for those chilled wee hours. I would recommend this to be served as a main course withs some bread. It  is quite filling, healthy and comforting.

Ingredients: Brocoli, Carrots, Onions, Black Pepper, All Purpose Flour, Butter, Cheese and Salt 

20120225-215917.jpgTo Make Soup: Boil broccoli and carrots for 15 mins , use this water as a vegetable stock. Saute onions in butter and keep aside. Heat some butter, add 1 spoonful all-purpose flour, add half cup milk and pepper powder. Add boiled veggies and stock. Boil for few minutes, let it cool and grind it. Add cheese to this soft soupy puree and serve hot with bread croutons.


To make Homemade Croutons: Cut bread into cubes, place in a large bowl, drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Mix well. Pre heat oven, spread seasoned bread onto a sheet and bake for a minute.20120225-215909.jpg


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