Parting Thought

May you always be blessed with perfect Color and Grace – The flowers had said it All.


A crisp evening , perfect hues, humidity and light. With every pit stop the colors were getting saturated.

The shades were getting bolder. We took a little walk on the dry grass, plugged raw berries, observed tiny cilantro herbs – so quiet, so warm and beautiful. I was spending some time with my nephew. Any time spent with this boy isn’t sufficient but enough to stay apart until we meet again.

We spent a pleasant time at a near-by farm-house filled with beautiful lovelies.

I had always wished to go for a photo-trip, stop-by every time I feel like there is a chance and take that perfect photo. Just pull on the side of the road, enjoy the moment and capture each floral colour.

Summer colors are exiting and so does my little nephew. The weather was great, the colors of the world so beautiful, and people smiled out of the blue. After seeing both sunrise and sunset on the road, I had felt renewed.

Going to still continue enjoying it. Here’s a little of the evening’s glory and a parting thought.

“You travel faster alone, but farther together.” — Michael Benanav


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