Pune Warriors Vs Kolkatta Night Riders – May 19th, 2012

A few friends suggested that despite the fact Pune’s IPL team is loosing current T20 tournament – it was worth a visit to see the newly constructed Pune’s cricket stadium. So the first evening I was in here, I made my way up there at sunset and I was really, really glad I did.


Perfect breeze, star lit sky, my favorite team playing – Such was the pocketful of happiness. I must say we had very good seats just next the VIP Lounge and we could easily have glimpses of cricketers and various celebrities.

This well equipped stadium doesn’t look less than an exotic star hotel and gives a nice 360 degree view from any stand of the ground. We were even lucky to have got the privilege of sitting in the VIP tents, the view from there was explicitly splendid. While the Pune team kept failing to chase a minimal score of 136 , we took time out to stroll-see the stadium more. I would wish to book the lounge section seats the next time I visit…Just to be able to get some autographs and click pictures with the players.

There were more than 25,000 people at the ground, most of us supported the pune team. However, the result of the match was: The Pune Warriors were blown away by the Kolkatta Night Riders. Well, our objective was a stadium visit and we were able to accomplish it. Cheers to that.


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