2 Years Of ” I Have Life On My Mind”…

I don’t believe that May flew by so quickly…feels like time is passing so fast and yet gracefully. Last week, I just felt first June drizzles falling on me. The most awaited Monsoon is back and it means trips, getaways, waterfalls, and clean roads. I have been stocking up on flip-flops, waterproof makeup, misty fragrances, adorable rain dresses and other must haves this season.

I have had a lot going on lately that has been keeping me from being able to have the time to write. But I made a promise to myself that starting this month I am going to make a point of planning out the time I need to devote to “I have life on my mind” no matter how busy I may get – It at least deserves a post per month.

Do you remember? About few years back – This is going back to May 2010 – When I decided to write around these same beautiful rains. Something silly, as a means of trying to cherish and share my experiences. And over a period of 2 years now, I have a collection of beautiful memoirs which I can look back and smile some more.20120612-031841.jpg

And to all of the friends, bloggers, coworkers who stopped by here and befriended over the past two years – Thank you for being part of “I Have Life On My Mind”. Here, my personal diaries met creativity, it inspired me to do something offbeat, I still aspire to do more. The past two years have gone so so fast, and I can’t wait to see what the next two have in store.

And to everyone else on this site right now,
Thank you. I wouldn’t be doing any of the things I am doing if it weren’t for you signing on to read what I have to write day in and day out – no matter how short, or irrelevant, or rambling, or random it may be… Thank you for being patient during these past few months of intermittent posting and understanding that life is quite overwhelming with a full-time job, and trying to maintain some semblance of a personal life. Thank you to those who have emailed me saying I have inspired you in one way or another. Those messages mean more to me than you can ever know, and they have become the driving force behind this blog.

It’s truly an honor to have you take the time to read and visit “I Have Life On My Mind”.


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