August 2012..

Ahh August! It’s finally here. Things have never been greener. If all the monsoon gloriousness isn’t enough to put a smile on your face then there is going to be lots of fabulousness, awesomeness and sassiness next 30 days. There will be surprises, a major milestone completion, birthdays & so much more.

So here’s my extravaganza list:

1. This is my month & hence all the time in it is mine. So, I’m going to give myself a break from work. And take regular breathers.

2. There will be special celebrations for the August borns. This means lots of preparation, photography and posting blogs. And I need to get started with making these arrangements.

3. Since monsoon is back, it’s time to plan a yearly family getaway. Though I have stopped liking rains since it is way too cold for me so I need to look for a dry getaway where I can sit cozily while its pouring outside.

4. A surprise exhibition is on it way. If everything works as per my plan I will write more about it in a weeks time.

5. There will be lots of fun and unending laughter when the best of us will meet to celebrate a very important persons anniversary this month. I have to book the prerequisites and print invitations though.. but definitely this is on cards.

Cant wait for this! Have a happy August!





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