Life Begins // At Thirty

As if turning 30 is tabooed, a dreaded stepping stone and a jinxed stage of ones life-cycle. I wanted to delete this date from 2012 calendar but with a lot of chaos, eventually I turned 30 August last week.

Regardless, I just don’t feel I achieved it. The thought has absolutely sunk in but I feel so rejuvenated as if my life has begun at 30. I am at the most peaceful stage of my life with a million dollar question “How did I get so lucky”? Touchwood!In an conversation with my friend “Poo” from school, I realized that girls my age are no exception and are equally afraid, as if one gets doomed at 30. Moreover, it is as-if their purpose of living is complete and anything left is living each day cursing that “I cannot do it because I am thirty”. My heart saddened as I heard her and thought to write something down to make her aware of life and its perks in its third decade.

I remember, when we were in school back in the 90’s, Poo and I always wanted to be the best amongst all the girls – Look good, get best grades. As we moved ahead with our careers, we got into best IT firms, earned decent salary and had a comfortable life. Over the period of last 20 years, we may not have made all the right choices but we aged gracefully and have loved our life. It is not time but the maturity over the years that has helped us realize our true self.

So, to all my girl friends – This is the period where you attain self-confidence and independence to lead your life as per your wish. We are no longer a confused young woman who does not know what she wants from life, instead we are in a position where we can exactly know what we want.

All this blast from past was to remind my dear friend and every girl that everything you want and long for and dream of is attainable and is possible and is achievable…and your 30’s promises greater certainty, clarity and understanding about life. You are more closer to your dreams, settled or perhaps you are living one. Sometimes, it really IS that simple!

Life doesn’t just begin at thirty, it begins to show.
~ Unknown Author


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