Presents // This Year

I wanted to share a picture of one of my Birthday gifts that arrived today. Tad late but it literally crossed seven seas & finally made it to me. So this is going to be just a picture blog and here is what I got: This card arrived in the afternoon from my sister with a special note and our old photos embedded in it.There is also a card given by a significant half and it has a love gauge with a meter that gets full as soon as you open it. LOL.The third gift in this picture is a teddy bear holding chocolates and I like it the most. Because I am in an Awe of it.After stacking those chocolates in a jar, I am having the teddy hold miniature perfume bottles in my closet. Look at that cuteness. Awww.Another interesting gift and an addition to my perfume collection is Versace’s Vanitas by Dad and an East Asian cook book by a dear friend.Burberry Bag from a significant half was a splendid surprise. A polka dot jump suit dress from my dear sister, she ordered it from Amazon and sent it through her minion. Well, sometimes she keeps surprising me with such love showers.The most cute of all was the wish from my almost-2-year old nephew. His “Bab” maushi reference on my Bday note was the most adorable.Thank you for everything from a deliriously happy Me to all of You.


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