Thai Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce

While the monsoon has subsided from past few weeks, all we have is a cloudless and clear sky around this town. And now that it is the break of Winter means festivities are in air, however before the fasting season began, I took some time out to grill some lovelies for few friends who visited us this weekend. A Thai entrée was the winning recipe and here is how you make it:

Cut the chicken breast into thin strips lengthwise and thread them onto skewers. The trick is to fold the pieces and to skewer them through the folds.


Chicken is marinated with garlic, red chilies, lemon juice, honey, salt and soy sauce for minimum 15 mins. Stir it together, then go write a sonnet..

Make sure you soak skewers an hour in water before grilling. Cook each side of chicken for 2 mins/side on preheated grill.

Those charred marks are from honey. Put it more if you like your satay to be more caramalized.

I served it with a Thai peanut butter sauce. Isn’t this a beautiful sight. Sweet, spicy and savory. And the world is, again, a glorious place.


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