Mixed Fruit Trifle

My friend sent a Dona Hay recipe around recently that I think is just too good to share. But since there were no berries available almost anywhere I came up with a mixed fruit version of it.

All you need is –

  1. Fresh sweet cream,
  2. Vanilla cake,
  3. Chocolate biscuit,
  4. Honey and
  5. Lots of fresh canned fruits. I used Del Monte’s mixed fruit that had plenty of fruit variety – Pears, Grapes, Pineapple, Cherries and Melon.

Step 1: Coat trifle glass with honey and put crumbled biscuit followed by cake and a generous dollop of whipped cream in layer 1.

Step2: Then put a layer of fruit followed by some more whipped cream. 20121217-005904.jpgStep3: Decorate the top with sliced cherries that you saved. Refrigerate for 10 minutes – it is best when it had time to set.

Step 3

I can just imagine it being spooned out into footed glass bowls and garnished with lots of strawberries…or berrie’s of any kind. It is also the type of dessert that if you ate the whole thing by yourself, you wouldn’t need to worry, as it’s mostly fruit, cream and lots of sweetness.


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