2012 Highs & Lows

Yet another year has come to an end and now its time to step into a brand new beginning. 2012 was remarkable in many ways – It taught me to be patient towards all that is unsolved in my life. It asked me to wait patiently. It made me believe that the world continues to exist due to the good people in it.

It’s that time of the year where I like to re-visit my high-lights and low-lights to reassess my goals and plan some more for the year ahead..


1. After our September 2011 visit, I was lucky to meet my nephew again in 2012 within 3 months from his last visit. Since then I am counting days until I meet him again.

2. I turned 30 this year.. So far it is good. It meant more responsibilities, being strong and an independent woman. Past 3 years have been tough. I know one thing now that will keep me true to myself – “I will never settle for less than what I want and deserve, and will never choose a life based on what others expect of me”.

3. Dad turned 60 this year and his Bday party was a splendid surprise. I recited a story about his and moms first meeting, how they got married and their love  after all these years.

4. The new house that we bought in the past years is coming alive. I am looking forward to decorate it just the way I have always planned.2

5. I learnt that life is little less painless if we forgive & walk ahead. Life works only on one principle that “The sum of a person’s actions in their previous states of existence decides their fate in future existences”. That’s why sometimes there is no answer to the Whys.

6. I had my 1st tattoo done Triquetra  – Which means your life is based on the choices that you make, if you do good/bad the same will follow. There are several meanings of it: It is a symbol for the goddess in each of her states – The maiden, the queen and the crone. It is considered that the goddess protects the person in everything they do. One of the other meaning is also law of attraction that if you aspire for something whole universe conspires for it. I believe in the later one.

7. I realized that apart from writing, I enjoy cooking new recipes. I also like buying and collecting various sauces and wish to dedicate an entire kitchen section for it.

8. Finally, the time between your wishes & when it actually comes true is a vital moment. In our life we all wait for something..and currently I am in a wait mode too. May be God is currently too busy teaching me how to wait for an answer. I have learnt this year that this wait is good and it is preparing me to be ready for the next stage.

I hope that you all will pause for few minutes today, look back at 2012, appreciate the lows and highs because not everything pleasant will happen with you.

Sometime somethings happen just to teach us a lifelong lesson.


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