Lavasa Women’s Drive 2013

Lavasa Women’s Drive (LWD) is an annual event of Lavasa initiated five years ago. The drive starts from Pune and Mumbai and completes at Lavasa.

This annual drive is organized by Lavasa Corporation Ltd. in collaboration with Bombay Times and in aid of the Woman’s Cancer Initiative of Tata Memorial Hospital. It captures multiple aspects – fun, adventure and spirit of the Indian woman along with a social cause.

I and my girlfriends were one of the proud participants of this Drive which was held on 24th February, 2013 in Pune. Our message was “Women Equality” that we depicted by decorating the car with various slogans, hoardings, picture cut outs. To represent our intentions beautifully, we created a giant butterfly barbie doll which had pictures embedded on her wings stating ” Women’s Responsibilities”. Additionally, we also crafted out a giant flower with pictures embedded on each petal showing “Women’s Inequality”.

Dressed in a maharashtrian saree on rally T-shirts we had set a trend. Everybody wanted to click us & to be clicked with us. Right before flag off we were interviewed by “The Times Of India” & several other media partners. Very soon we were given our route map & tulips. And that was just a beginning to a 100 kilometers  time- speed- distance race.

Our fun wasn’t over yet, it was only the beginning to some more excitement. We parked the car and entered the main area where various stalls were placed to pamper all of us. There were food counters, foot spa, tattoo making etc. While we were all getting ourselves nice fancy traditional turban, we got clicked many times by various participants, times of India and photographers. In all our costume was a big hit! shortly, we four were called on stage for an introduction by this time we were drained out and hungry. We nicely relished on food, desserts and lots of shaved ice. The performances by various artists had also began by this time.

Soon the sun was setting and we had started our drive back to Pune. We were highly anticipating the results of the drive wishing we may win. The next morning, my phone had started beeping. I silicened my phone and went back to sleep. My phone still kept vibrating entire time all morning.  Though we didn’t win the race, our picture was on Page 2 of  Time Of India. A week later we were again covered in Times Of India, Page 4.

Publication: The Times Of India Pune; Date: Feb 25, 2013; Section: Times City; Page: 4


We got a good accolade for our participation and out of box theme. Such was the fun of Lavasa Women’s Drive 2013.


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