Toffee Nut // Latte

This winter was all about toffee’s, nuts, lattes and the rage about fourth Starbucks outlet in the city.

Together, I fell head over heels in love with Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte…what makes it special though is that they add salted and sugary sprinkles on the top that creates all the magic.

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Served in much acclaimed red Starbucks Christmas cups, we first ordered this drink and weren’t expecting much about it but after having the first sip we realized what we were getting into. A real addiction! It’s not often that we both stop talking while having our coffee just to enjoy it but it was just one of those kind of drinks. Initially, we planned to have it once a week but little did we know that we had set ourselves a really tough target. To our delight, the newest outlet opened just few minutes away from home. Who ever said that universe conspires our true desires was hence proven to be true. Anyways, from a weekly activity, going to Starbucks had become our daily errand. LOL.

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Sipping over smooth sweet hot liquid and brittle salted crunches under your teeth makes a heavenly contrast. It is best drunk when you are sitting outside in a chilly day into your nothingness or while walking down a busy street swamped with shoppers.  Anything just works well with it.

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This drink is certainly for those with a sweet tooth so I doubt those bitter coffee lovers are going to agree little less. Nevertheless, I have tasted the other drinks on the Christmas menu but nothing beats it.

Wouldn’t it be a sad-day to order it at a store only to be told that it was gone! Well, it is just a seasonal item that gets you hooked-on and then callously yanks away. This one is worth a try before it is gone from the current festive menu that happens at the brisk of summer 2014.

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