Santa Claus From the North Pole Didn’t Forget Us

Sometime before this Christmas my nephew turned 3. He had started understanding Christmas, Santa Claus and perks associated with kids during festive season. Wherever he saw a fake Santa Claus – in the malls, grocery stores, even a mere picture would make him close his eyes, join his hands and pray a little asking, “Santa Clause, Please give me a train table set.” To his delight, come Christmas morning Santa had fulfilled his wish.

And I wondered, if Santa Clause really existed…(this wasnt first time though). A lot has been said about Santa being imaginary but we all know that if enough people believe in something it does give ‘something’ a reality and millions of kids and adults around the world cannot be all wrong. Can they? Though, I didn’t ask for anything this year since I already got enough to be thankful for. Nevertheless, I will want to save my wish and ask Santa something wisely next year.

My Christmas was delightful, a bit mellifluous.

Between the last-minute shopping, cake bake, ladies night and celebrating the holidays.. I was exhausted. But good exhausted, it is like “I am not going to do my hair but I will still wear heels” kind of exhaustion.

We watched turkey simmering on the burning stove, sushi sitting cozily wrapped in salmon, florets of icing, Santa’s sledge, and gigantic Christmas trees.

The entire Christmas sweetness  made my teeth rot! just like the old granny said in the motion picture ‘ice age’. Chuckles.

 Santa ushered plenty of happiness and exorbitant presents this Christmas. I am glad that amid-st all the saying and criticizing about Santa, he did turn up for my nephew and for us too. I hope he did for you as well.


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