56th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominees // 2014

I have a simple test to determine good against bad songs – 1. How do they sound on an acoustic guitar? & 2. Can I karaoke them with my significant other? Obviously, there are some other exclusionary criteria’s. It was a good year for electronic music and every artist including  country singer Taylor Swift took the road to EDM this year. Did you even realize that?

Personally, the past year has been more about alternative music and now I feel a need to catch up on country and soulful music. Nevertheless, here is the list of 10 tracks that ruled my iTunes this year.

1. Josh Gabriel “Forward Facing” Acoustic Mix – This song was on a repeat-on mode since its conception. It has got some really uplifting chords that blended perfectly with the soothing voice of Meredith Call. I literally played this track every time I drove on express highway. I still can’t get enough of it but sadly, it did not make it to Grammy’s.

2. Lana Del Ray  “Summertime Sadness” Cedric Gervais Remix – This song has honest alternative lyrics like”I’m feeling’ electric tonight” and “Done my hair up real big beauty queen style”. I call this track timeless with straight fire that keeps you feel refreshing as time goes by.

3. Bruno Mars “Locked Out Of Heaven” Sultan Ned Shepard Remix – This song has been nominated for “Best Remix” category in Grammy. With such amazing vocal chords of Bruno Mars, I bet Sultan and Ned Shepard are running as the real favorites this year.

4.  Lana Del Ray “Young and Beautiful – This song from the motion picture “Great Gatsby” is another alternative track in the list. “Young & Beautiful” was co-written by Del Rey herself. Though it has some spooky lyrics like “Dear lord, when I get to heaven please let me bring my man” and “Oh that grace, that body, that face makes me wanna party”. Hilarious! Wiki called it “haunting” and “somber”. Lyrically, it follows a young lover’s apprehension about whether love can last. Despite all the critics, this song is  truly a melodious ballad.

5. London Grammar “Strong” Official Video – Another alternative from British singer Hannah Reid. This song with its beats and its lyrics, is STRONG. Hannah Reid’s powerful vocals are prominent in all of London Grammar’s tracks released to date. This album is a real piece of work and highly recommended for folks who enjoy melancholy guitar and soaring vocals.

6. Daft Punk Feat Pharrell Williams “Get Lucky” – I blasted this track many times in the car till the significant other agreed that this song did deserve a chance to be on our weekly playlist. It is like “Unless you wont hear, you wont know it. And once you know it, you are hooked happily dancing”. Nominated in multiple categories in Grammy, i am sure they wont be going home empty handed this year.

7. Pharrell Williams “Happy – From the Motion Picture Despicable Me 2 is a happy song that will really make you feel delightful if you are/are not a minion-lover.

8. Lorde “Royals” from Pure Heroine – It is a classy record that has some of the adult-alternative appeal of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, which won in both categories two years ago. This song is about how not everyone can live the life of the famous. She’s saying that she didn’t come from money, so she does not have the luxuries of the pop stars and rappers. She has some interesting lines like “But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, tripping’ in the bathroom. Blood stains, ball gowns, trashing’ the hotel room,We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillac’s in our dreams.” 

9. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert “Same Love” – Somewhat “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis” ruled 2013. This song depicts beautiful lyrics and talks about same sex marriage. The song is nominated at the Grammy’s for” Song of the Year”

 10. Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko “Stay” – A beautiful ballad with piano and guitar chords with great meaning. “Stay” has been nominated in the “Best Pop Duo” category of Grammy and I really wish it wins but it wouldn’t because this is the only worthy song in her entire album.

So, lets see. Some of these songs are already nominated for Grammy’s 2014: Here are the one’s from my list:

Category 1. Record Of The Year – #3 Bruno Mars, #6 Daft Punk, #9 Royals

Category 2: Album Of The Year – #10 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Category 3. Song Of The Year – #3 Bruno Mars, #9 Royals, #10 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Category 4.  Best New Artist –  #10 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Category 5. Best Pop Solo Performance – #9 Royals

Category 6. Best Pop Duo – #6 Daft Punk, #10 Stay

Category 8. Best Pop Vocal Album – #3 Bruno Mars, #9 Royals

Category 10. Best Electronic Album – #6 Daft Punk

Category 20. Best Urban Contemporary Album – #10 Stay

Category 25. Best Rap Album – #10 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Category 59. Best Song Written For Visual Media – #4 Lana Del Ray

Category 69. Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical – #2 Lana Del Ray, #3 Bruno Mars

To know entire nominations, visit:

Until Jan 26th, Sunday 2014 I will be in an anticipation : Let The Best Artist Wins.


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